Internet Entrepreneur Tory Waligroski Knows How to Come Up With Six-Figure Ideas

If you frequented Vine a few years back, then you probably already know who Tory Waligroski is. Before it was shut down, Tory amassed the largest combined follower network on the now-defunct platform, coming out to the north of 15 million followers. Even though Vine is one of the dearly departed now, Tory had used his entrepreneurial mind to come up with new ventures that have helped him generate six figures by the time he turned 24.

Tory has been generating multiple six-figure revenue streams over the past few years, and plans to have even more in the future. His secret lies in creating non-personal social media accounts, called themed pages, that he then monetizes once they reach a certain size.

Through Tory’s cleverness, he managed to get his hands on the @weed Instagram handle. It wasn’t long before he grew that cannabis-based IG page to nearly one million followers that it enjoys today. As someone who had a background in social media marketing, Tory was able to apply his skills to the cannabis niche he focused in on and help legal cannabis brands leverage and scale their own social media pages to new heights.

Just as he saw a meteoric rise in success on Vine in the old days, Tory was now enjoying it on Instagram as well. He ended up creating one of the largest and most notable networks in the cannabis niche on social media. In fact, his business is now a staple for cannabis brands who want to grow their audiences online and increase their sales.

Tory has a knack for creating viral pages on social media within specific non-personal niches, especially when it comes to the booming industry of cannabis. He has found a formula for success that he now applies to other niches as well, with similar results.

As an expert in growing online followings, it was natural for Tory to shift into becoming a consultant for brands looking to grow their followings as well. Today, this forms the bulk of his business model. Each separate social media page he creates eventually turns into a six-figure moneymaker for him.

Ever the entrepreneur, Tory isn’t satisfied with only running successful social media pages. He also doesn’t see it as a safe bet to have all of his eggs in one basket, especially given that he had previously gone $35,000 into debt. Tory plans on diversifying his investments by spearheading into real estate, restaurants, and brick-and-mortar businesses. He is also planning to automate his social media businesses and slowly step away from the virtual world into the physical one. He wants to build and develop something that will make his life feel more enriched and diversified.

You can follow Tory’s personal Instagram page if you want to keep up with the latest from this successful internet entrepreneur. There’s also his Facebook and TikTok you can follow as well to stay connected with the latest from him. 

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