Interview With Jena Joyce, CEO and Founder of Plant Mother Skincare

While “clean” skincare has been a global trend in recent years, Plant Mother is making waves in the natural world for pushing the clean movement a few steps further. Being 100% organic, 100% vegan, cultivating its own ingredients and developing distinctive waterless formulations packed in a zero-waste packaging are only a few of the attributes that have earned Plant Mother the coveted “beyond clean” and “beyond green” label. We spoke with Plant Mother Founder and CEO Jena Joyce about how this new brand has earned love from its customers.

What does the clean beauty movement mean to you?

To put it simply, clean beauty is utilizing products that are free of toxins; however, things aren’t always so simple. These days, we hear a lot of terms in the cosmetics industry, such as non-toxic, organic, paraben-free, and sulfate-free. Not using toxins and finding healthy substitutes for harmful substances is at the heart of clean beauty.

But Plant Mother goes further than that. For us, it’s about finding all-natural, organic, vegan alternatives to everything. We’re a green, healthy, extremely nutritious skin brand — not just a clean beauty brand. We are cleaner than clean and more natural than natural, we are 100% organic, 100% vegan and healthy.

What are your most popular products and how are they different from competitors?

Plant Mother’s Vegan Vitamin C and Organic Plant-Based Retinol Serum are our King and Queen. 

  • Plant Mother Vegan Vitamin C Serum is like a “liquid sunshine” – it has Kakadu plum (55-100 times more Vitamin C than in oranges) and over 20 magical antioxidant botanicals working in synergy to repair, nourish and brighten your skin. The formulation combines Vitamin C with Vitamin E, multivitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids. It has a light moisturizing texture with no toxins, artificial colors, fragrances or synthetic chemicals.
  • Plant Mother Organic Plant Based Retinol Serum is rich, overnight skin food. It’s packed with natural Vitamin A, carotenoids, flavonoids, multivitamins, and antioxidants all working together in harmony to regenerate your skin and boost its collagen levels. Bakuchiol combined with magical Sea Buckthorn, Rosehips, Hibiscus and Maracuja make this serum a true, delicious food for the skin. This retinol will save you from harsh skin reactions, irritation or redness typically associated with starting retinol use. 

Plant Mother’s motto, “Non-Toxic is Non-Negotiable,” resonates with many health-conscious customers. What’s behind the message?

It’s more than just a message — it goes deep into the core of Plant Mother’s ethos. It’s about crafting healthy, safe and non-toxic skincare. That’s why more and more like-minded customers are joining our brand ambassador program. I’m so happy to see young, nursing moms using our products and loving them. Also, many women use the Plant Mother line during pregnancy because our serums are completely free of chemicals and hormone disruptors — all without a single drop of artificial chemicals. We don’t negotiate when it comes to health, because our skincare is made for women (and men) who refuse to risk their health for beauty.  

What are the challenges of running a clean skincare brand? 

Our products are much more expensive to produce than conventional skincare products. Our ingredients are more complex to formulate, more costly to cultivate, and are more difficult to work with. We make small batches because the freshness of the serums is our highest priority. 

Another thing that contributes to our cost is the fact that, unlike other brands, we grow most of our ingredients and then manufacture the products in-house in our little studio in Miami. There’s no outsourcing of ingredients, manufacturing, or packaging. No shortcuts — we do it all ourselves. This way, we guarantee the freshness and quality of each and every bottle.  

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