Interview with Luca Oliveri, awesome guy on a thrilling lifetime traveling journey

Luca Oliveri

Today we talk with Luca Oliveri, travel influencer, photographer, and videomaker who will tell us more about his love for travel.

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Can you tell us more about what inspires you to travel?

“I’m looking for that emotion that makes me feel alive. My passion for travel began slowly, time after time when I started discovering amazing places around me or farther away. I can’t stop looking for these magical, sometimes undiscovered, spots in the world.

I have the eyes of a 5 years old boy when I feel that and that’s fantastic. I’m inspired to travel by a compromise…what I mean is that we usually live frenetic lives with frenetic routines. This stresses me a lot! Everyone should find a way to lower the bar and break the usual routine: I found my way on traveling.

Would you tell us about some of the most interesting destinations you’ve been to?

There are so many places in the world I miss so much. First of all Hawaii with all its hikes, untouched beaches, Nature and Magic. Ever listened about Haiku Stairs or Kalalau beach? Well, these breathtaking places impressed me so much that I needed to write a novel that I’m publishing soon. I think I left my heart there!

What about traveling excites you most?

I usually try to experience new things everywhere, like sleeping in a tent under the Spitzkoppe Mountain in Namibia, or spending 48 hours in a small cabin on a small island in the middle of nowhere or hunting for the aurora borealis in Lapland…but the list could be longer because there are outstanding places everywhere, also near where we live…the best thing is to discover them all.

What fascinates me most when I discover a marvelous place is the possibility to capture it in a picture or a video. I put my soul in it. Sometimes, finding the best way to relive that place and emotions in images, is like an obsession. I also think that my aim is not only to make my followers discover luxury hotels but also places where they can live beautiful life experiences like sleeping in a tent to feel fully in contact with Nature.

What advice would you give to people who want to travel but they don’t have the determination to do it or they’re scared of the unknown?

Traveling also means trying to get out of our comfort zone! I have never thought, for instance, of spending 7 days, without an internet connection, in the middle of the wilderness, facing such narrow and dangerous path, only to reach a beach, the most stunning in the world, to spend New Year’s Eve around a fire with old and new friends.

These great feelings should encourage us not to be afraid of new experiences and at the same time help us to find a determination that will surely surprise us in discovering a new original ourselves.

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