Interview with Tarun Tej: A Tech Influencer and Journalist from India

Tarun Tej… As the name itself suggest, he is very well known for all the “Tej” he has. He is a 21-year old tech influencer, journalist, and reviewer based in India. He is an editor at one of the finest technology magazines True-Tech.Net {}.

Who is Tarun Tej in real life?

Before we get started, I would like to thank Influencive media for having me. To explain who I am in real life in words is an arduous task. I mean, it is always like this… as I am into a lot of stuff. One day I am a tech blogger/ influencer creating content and the next day I am a photographer shooting people. Sometimes, it’s hotelier during the day and creator during the nights, and vice-versa. But, for the sake of this interview, I am gonna introduce myself as a techie. I am an editor at True-Tech.Net technology magazine.

Can you please tell a little bit about TrueTech Technology Magazine?

Well, TrueTech features content related to smartphones, smart wearables, consumer electronics, and other gadgets. TrueTech has over 300,000 monthly loyal technology enthusiasts that rely on us for the latest technology news, unbiased gadget reviews, buying guides and recommendations for tech products/gear.

Our magazine has been associated with various Tech brands such as Apple, LG, Huawei, Samsung, and so on and has also been an active part of the community and has been reviewing gadgets for the past five years.

Hotelier to Tech Influencer! How did it happen?

Haha! This is in fact the most asked question over the years. I started writing content back in 2016. It was all out of passion. Solving tech queries, writing guides, and how-to’s… you know how it goes! But, back in my head I always knew that I had to pursue a professional course and hence I chose to study Hospitality Management. I’ve also worked with some industry leaders like Oberoi’s and Marriott’s for over a year. So, the order goes something like this – Tech Creator to Hotelier to Tech Creator.

As a techie, who’s your inspiration?

I grew up watching the videos of C4ETech, MKBHD, and Jon Rettinger. They have inspired me in becoming a creator. But, Rahul Bagdai, Founder of TrueTech Technology Magazine is my true inspiration. He is always supportive of young creators, bloggers, and websites. Also, Rahul has been selected for “The 10 Most Influential Businesses Leaders to Watch in 2021.”

What are your plans for the future?

I had various plans and all of them include me being an active influencer alongside contributing to TrueTech Technology magazine. Recently, I chose to pursue my Master’s in International Human Resource Management in London, UK.

Why do you want to pursue a career in HR?

I knew ever since I was an undergrad that I wanted to go into consulting and I knew I really wanted to go into consulting around leadership development, exec coaching, behavior, and organizational design because in my experience having had jobs through high school and college, I knew most of the challenges in the organization are with the people. I mean, organizations have figured how to make products but they haven’t figured how to rally people around a cause! That’s a job for HR to do and I can see myself doing that!

Is there anything you would want to share with new and upcoming influencers in the industry?

Stack it up and work for it! Whatever tears you apart, do not give up. And the main thing, don’t sell yourselves for cheap brand deals. Lastly, be honest to your audience.

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