Introducing Emilie Kirchgesner, A Multi-Talented Artist Training Since the Age of 3

Anyone who is looking to make it as an artist understands that there is a tremendous amount of training that has to go into a success story. And some situations, talented artist start training from an incredibly young age. In some cases, this takes place before they even start school. That is exactly what happened with Emilie Kirchgesner. Kirchgesner is one of the top up-and coming-artists in the world. Furthermore, she has known that she wanted to be an artist since the age of three. As a result, she has been pursuing just about everything in the art industry. This includes singing, dancing, acting, and more. Now, she is garnering a tremendous amount of attention as one of the most talented young professionals in the field. 

An Impressive Pedigree for a Young Artist

From the age of three, she knew that she wanted to make it as an artist. Even though she didn’t exactly know how this was going to happen, she knew that she was going to have to put in a tremendous amount of work in order to make her dream come true. Therefore, she worked hard to seek out advice from some of the top professionals in her field. This led her to some of the most intensive musical theater schools in the United States. This includes New York City and Los Angeles.

During her educational career, she has been incredibly fortunate to train under some of the most talented Broadway choreographers and actors. Even though she studied hard in high school, she continued to actively pursue her career in the Arts. Eventually, she knew that she had to move in order to pursue her dreams further.

Kirchgesner Moves to Toronto

Eventually, her dream took her to Toronto. There, she studied at the Randolph Academy and performed in Canada’s Wonderland for two consecutive seasons. She had major roles and Winterfest and Halloween Haunt. In addition, she discovered that she had a passion for urban music, including hip-hop, which led to numerous roles in music videos, acting commercials kind of fashion shoots, and guest workshops. Eventually, her hard work paid off and she earned the attention of an agency to sign her to a contract. 

Kirchgesner Develops Her Own Following

Now, Kirchgesner is no longer flying under the radar. She has an impressive following thanks to her own line of merchandise. She also has a large following on Instagram, where she likes to share her love of the arts with others. In addition, she continues to work hard with other musicians, dancers, artists, and choreographers as she works to develop more projects. 

Even though she has already earned a tremendous amount of experience in the industry, she is still only 20 years old. As a result, Kirchgesner is continuing to push the boundaries of her creativity. She wants to see how far her talent and her work can take her. She even generously donated her time teaching other students who would like to follow in her footsteps. 

Right now, Kirchgesner is unsure of exactly what the future holds for her; however, she wants to pursue her dreams in the Arts. She plans on diversifying her portfolio as an artist by attending college. She would like to pursue fashion design as she continues to share her love of the Arts with others. It will be exciting to see what the future holds for Kirchgesner.

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