Introducing Sequent Real Estate + Wealth Management

Sequent Real Estate + Wealth Management officially opened its doors on April 1, 2020, and was founded by Peter Fisher, Eric Scaff, and Chuck Strickler. Sequent is a client-focused

an organization that specializes in passive real estate investments and replacement property for 1031 Exchanges. The company also provides money management services as well as annuities and insurance. Sequent’s mission is to provide the best possible investment strategy for each client’s unique situation. Sequent RE+WM is a real estate first wealth management company, and this approach is largely due to the services offered and the expertise of its founders.

Services Offered

The highly experienced team at Sequent RE+WM provides advisory and management services to individual, trust, and corporate clients with deep expertise in tax-advantaged strategies, 1031 Exchanges, real estate consulting, and wealth management.

While the firm possesses experience in both passive and active management of properties, it primarily focuses on passive management options. The active management options are direct ownership and net leased property, and the passive management options are a Delaware Statutory Trust (DST).

The firm’s wealth management side of the business focuses on providing clients efficient, cost-effective investment solutions while considering the client’s risk profile. The firm offers portfolio management for a fee as well as alternative real estate, annuity, and insurance solutions.

Meet the Founders

Fisher, Scaff, and Strickler all have varied and complementary experiences in the real estate world. Prior to forming Sequent, Fisher worked for fifteen years with investors on private placements at Inland Real Estate based out of Chicago. Scaff and Strickler first met and

worked together, in the late-80’s at a Japanese real estate investment firm focused on their

large US domestic portfolio. Since then, Scaff has spent his 30+ year career working for clients investing in and managing commercial real estate both domestically and internationally, while Strickler changed direction and worked at investment banks on the individual money

management side of the business. Together, all three have over 75 years of real estate and investment experience.

Fisher’s expertise includes working with DSTs, TICs, Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), Opportunity Zone Funds, and other private placements. As most of these investment opportunities are sold through financial advisors, generally with limited real estate experience, Fisher identified a market need and wanted to bring his knowledge directly to clients. He believes his previous experience working with a major sponsor of the investments gives meaningful insights for the benefit of the clients.

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