Introducing the Cidenna Two Tone Collection

The two tone trend is back in vogue. If you’re someone who is indecisive and wishes they could wear two things at once, then this trend is right up your street. The two trend aesthetic was all over the runways at Fashion Week, and it unites brands across the streetwear spectrum. We’re seeing two tone clothing all over our social media feeds, from our favourite celebrities and influencers alike. This ‘90s trend is back in full force and is the inspiration behind the latest release from up-and-coming streetwear brand, Cidenna.

The Cidenna ‘Two Tone’ collection is designed by Khalil Walthour, the brand’s Creative Director. The collection consists of two pieces that you can mix and match with other Cidenna pieces or wear together for a monochrome look. The sweatshirt features an earth bone two tone colour palette, with the Cidenna logo across the chest. The wide contrasting cuffs are fitted for a tailored feel, letting you adjust the sleeves for a ¾ look.

The cargo pants are the standout piece from this collection. They take the two tone trend to the next level with contrasting leg colours. We have all wished we could mesh our two favourite trousers together. That wish comes true with these Cidenna cargo pants. One leg features the bone colour, while the other contrasts with the earth tone. Always one to be daring, these Cidenna trousers feature statement pockets on the front instead of the back. These oversized pockets are functional and can carry anything you need while on the go.

The Cidenna two tone collection has its finger on the fashion pulse and has a minimalistic feel that gives the pieces an elevated edge. The earth tone colours are chic and simplistic while still making a statement. We think these pieces are the perfect way to show off your newest pair of sneakers. You can use the functional zippers on the joggers to show off your high-top sneakers.

Another innovative feature of this collection is the statement cord on the joggers. The cord is deliberately oversized, allowing you to wear it full-length or to tie it if you choose. If you want to embrace the two tone trend, then why not mix and match your footwear? Anyone who has ever experimented with the colour blocking trend will fall head over heels for two tone clothing. If you’re experimenting with the two tone trend of the first time, wear one piece and style it with a basic top or trousers.

The two tone trend gives classic pieces a new lease on life. Cidenna’s two tone pieces are the perfect hybrid between streetwear and loungewear, making them one of the most versatile pieces that you can add to your closet this season. Whether you’re working from home or heading out for drinks with friends, these pieces will keep you looking stylish and on-trend.

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