Introducing the Web3 Community Alliance: Uniting the Future of Social Experience

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In a world where Web2 faltered, Web3 emerges victorious, revolutionizing social interaction and connectivity. Now, you can speak directly to project founders and chat with influential figures in real-time within vibrant Web3 communities. However, the founders of Seven Oceans Group noticed a missing link in this thriving landscape – the true liquidity of people.

While liquidity in the space garners much attention, the most valuable asset for projects is the liquidity of people. Floundering projects frequently attempt to draw more funds from their existing community, but they approach this endeavor all wrong. Web3 communities are not just businesses; they are dynamic social clubs, as expressed by our visionary founder, Jonathon Burbank.

Yet, there is a pressing obstacle hindering the growth of these remarkable communities – awareness. These groups are elusive and challenging to find. The absence of a simple method for discovering like-minded communities becomes a barrier to entry, deterring potential participants from joining. Moreover, token gating further complicates the process, often leaving users unable to exit once they’re in, if it’s not the right fit. The discovery mechanism is missing, and Seven Oceans Group aims to rectify this issue.

Seven Oceans Group recognizes that competition amongst groups has taken the spotlight, diverting attention from the greater vision of advancing Web3 adoption and decentralization. Their mission is to foster collaboration and create an alliance of communities, transcending individual rivalry. Together, they feel they can push Web3 into the mainstream, supporting drifters and newcomers by setting industry standards and best practices.

Introducing 7OGtv – Empowering Web3 Content Creators and Communities!

The team firmly believes that Web3 content deserves to soar to new heights! Understanding the challenges faced by small content creators in this niche market, they see groups struggling to reach their desired audience beyond daily headlines and charts.

7OGtv is more than just a platform; it’s a launchpad for content creators and communities to shine bright! They’re creating dedicated media channels where vibrant Web3 communities can showcase their activities and notable members. No longer will their remarkable contributions go unnoticed!

For small content creators, 7OGtv aims to be the gateway to a broader audience and an opportunity to build a recognized brand. The goal is to allow communities to elevate their content to new heights and watch their influence grow. Their vision is to empower content creators to create captivating, thought-provoking content beyond the ordinary. 7OGtv aims to be the go-to destination for all things Web3, where ideas flourish, innovations are celebrated, and creativity knows no bounds.

The team is thrilled to unveil the first product from Seven Oceans Group – The Admiral!

In the fast-paced world of Web3, staying up-to-date with crucial information can be an overwhelming challenge. That’s where The Admiral comes to the rescue! Using cutting-edge AI technology, The Admiral meticulously evaluates and summarizes world news, market insights, alpha calls, and community activities, all in concise bullet points.

With The Admiral users save countless hours that would otherwise be spent scrolling through endless social media feeds and Discord server channels. Now, you can quickly access the information you need, without missing a beat.

The Admiral’s bullet point format provides users with the headlines they crave, and if any announcements pique their interest, they can easily explore further details. Dive deeper into topics that matter most to you and access additional information from dedicated community channels or servers. 

Seven Oceans Group has a grand vision for the future, introducing gamified marketing and an E-Sports talent hub. Each community that joins their alliance gains a profile, while members can list their services, which will be endorsed by the project. This synergy creates a win-win situation, benefiting dedicated holders and communities alike.

Interested communities can join the Web3 Community Alliance today and embrace the revolution in social experience. Together, they hope to create a thriving, interconnected Web3 ecosystem that leaves a lasting impact on the world! Learn more on their twitter at @7oceansgroup.

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