Is a Luxury Car Worth Buying?

When a car comes on the Television, we desire to own it. If it is a luxury one, then the desire becomes extreme but the affordability curtails that desire. There are so many functions and the look is so amazing that it instantly grabs our attention. Be it a sports car like Ferrari, Lamborghini, or a standard one like Mercedez, every luxury car instigates that desire to be extreme. The increasing number of cars comes from the top luxury car manufacturers in the world. That particular segment has also seen massive growth over the years.

Why do You Buy Luxury Cars?

India also has a great contribution to luxury car manufacturing. Some of the luxury car brands in India have seen a decent profit in this country. The luxury car has mainly one purpose that is a hobby or in other words, passion. No one buys for daily commuting.

Because most luxury cars have almost the same universal facilities. There is a passion that instigates people to own that kind of car. Simply, dream and setting a classy status in society push us to go for such an entity. We don’t mind breaking our wallet with a huge amount.

Because of the road condition, we fear owning a luxury car. So, it is just for passion. If you fall under the same category and have any plan to buy such one, then give it a read.

Reliable Luxury Cars in India

The luxury car brands in India such as BMW, Mercedez, Audi are dominating the market. We don’t see enough sports cars like Ferrari or Lamborghini but the BMW or Audi has seen great profit. Let’s see what are some of the reliable luxury cars.

  1. Mercedez-Benz-B-Class

Launched in 2005, the car comes at Rs 30.10 lakh – 32.97 lakh. With 1595 cc engine displacement, this car gives you 14.8kmpl of mileage.

  1. BMW 3 Series

Launched in 2019, BMW 3 Series comes at Rs 30.7 lakh – 40.85 lakh. With 1998 cc engine displacement, this car gives you 16.3kmpl of mileage.

  1. AUDI Q7

Launched in 2006, Audi Q7 comes at Rs 69.27 lakh onwards. With 2967 cc engine displacement, the car renders 14.75kmpl of mileage.


Launched in 2007, Jaguar XF comes at Rs 49.77 lakh – 61.39 lakh. With 1999 cc engine displacement, the car delivers 13.12kmpl of mileage.


Launched in 2010, Porsche Panamera comes at Rs 1. 09 crores – 2.61 crores. With 3996 cc engine displacement, the car delivers 9.71kmpl of mileage.

Points to Keep in Mind while Buying a Luxury Car

  1. Check if it is reliable for you or not because most of the Indian roads are filled with potholes, bumper, etc. so, before buying such a car it is important to consider this point.
  2. Resale value is another important point because a luxury car depreciates hugely after using a few years.
  3. A luxury car’s spare parts come at a high price because most of the parts come from other countries. Check how much the amount can be?
  4. One of the most significant points is its service cost. As the cars’ spare parts come expensive, it is inevitable to bear a heavy amount of service cost in future. Also, keep in mind the insurance cost that doesn’t come cheaper at all.
  5. Keep in mind the availability of the interior space. Some of the luxury cars don’t provide a lot of space. So, if you have a big family, you might be disappointed after buying such a car.

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