Is August Royals the Next Big Thing?

The 20-year-old, Los Angeles based music artist by the name of August Royals has broken into the Internet realm by storm. When you hear the word August, most think of the month; well, that won’t be the case for long. August Royals, a name nobody knew up until now, has rapidly accumulated 50k plus fans and a million plus views on videos across platforms such as Instagram, Tik Tok, and other social media outlets in just the last month alone.

The sudden rise in internet fame has put the spotlight on him, making people wonder who exactly this new artist is and why he’s drawing in such a large crowd so quickly. If you go through August’s platform you can immediately see that his online presence is about as honest and sincere as it gets. He lets fans know what is going on with his life without trying to over exaggerate or bring some type of fake attention, which is something that is not commonly found among influencers.

One thing that specifically makes this new internet celebrity unique is his passion towards mental health. His passion goes to the extent of even outwardly sharing his own personal struggles with anxiety, depression, and panic attacks. He has spoken candidly about this and encouraged his newfound audience that this is a fight that they are not battling alone, which often leaves the viewer with a sense of positivity and encouragement.

Giving an extra voice to mental health is not the only thing that is lovable about this new public figure. This is merely one of many distinctions that makes August Royals stand out from the rest. On Instagram, you will find photos of him expressing his faith, along with a video of his baptism with the caption, “Today I made a decision to let go of all the weight I’ve been carrying and surrender it to God.”

August has been consistent with sharing his day-to-day life and letting his followers connect on a personal level by showing intimate moments, along with the occasional short videos that display a quirky side to his personality. Not only is he swooning fans online through his “drive-girls-crazy” looks and courage to speak about faith and mental health, but has also been drawing in a large audience for his music.

The self-proclaimed pop artist has gained significant attention through teasers of his music which have since gone viral, accumulating more than one hundred thousand views and shining through as his most-liked posts.

These small glimpses into his heart-tugging melodies and skillful lyrical compositions have clearly been one of the main sources of his newly found fan base, resulting in hundreds of comments begging for more. While he has not yet released any music commercially, there is no shortage of musical content on his platforms and he has made it widely known that an EP is on its way.

Over the last few weeks, small visual teasers of this EP, which is to be titled “Restless”, have been popping up on his platforms, which has fueled his fans to start posting their own renditions of art in an attempt to connect with the artist. Videos of him singing snippets of original songs and covers make it clear that he is a hopeless romantic at heart, and is not afraid to show it.

August Royals—who often draws comparisons to popstar Shawn Mendes in his early days before discovery—suddenly has all eyes on him at the moment, from his fans to record labels and modeling agencies. His outspoken emphasis on romance, mental health, and God along with a voice that is melting the hearts of thousands has certainly given him a positive foot forward in the entertainment industry. Now the only question for August Royals is: what comes next?

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