Is Kolkata Based Singer Pronit Mitra the Next Arijit Singh in the Making?

Singer Pronit Mitra was born in Kolkata and brought up in Bihar with no musical background or connections in the entertainment world has proved with his talent and efforts to step in. His journey looks similar to one of the finest singers we have today naming Arijit Singh and Ankit Tiwari who came from a small city and are well known today.

Pronit started his music journey in 2012.
He started himself playing Tabla. But rather than guitar and tabla he also play many instruments like harmonium, piano, cajon, bongo, congo, recorder and many more.

Singer Pronit not only gets to sing good songs but also performs in various parts of India. Now, all eyes are on his next song called Dard Diya Kyu. Pronit has a great fan following all over the country and people are excited about his new single. He always leaves a great impact with his music on people and the same is expected from this one too.

Talking about his releasing song ‘Dard Diya Kyu’, Pronit Mitra said “Music heals everything which all of us have experienced at some point in our lives. My recent doing cover song has been receiving a lot of love and that’s what I want my music to do, to spread love in this difficult time.

Creating music is something I never want to stop but infact going beyond my capacities. Today social media has become a rewarding fact where talent automatically gets recognition for its work. As an artist one needs to make the right use of this.”

This singer has been slowly able to make some noise through his tunes as witnessed early new talent has been welcomed by the audience which inspires them to keep working hard.

Further commenting on this, Pronit Mitra said “2021 is what I am looking forward to and hoping for opportunities which I can grab. I have been also working towards another song which will take sometime but is going to win hearts. Entertaining audience is what makes me happy and I shall keep doing so.”

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