Isaac Mashman: Why Personal Branding is the Future of Business

Public relations leader, Isaac Mashman is bullish on the importance of personal branding and wants you to pick up on the trend before it gets too saturated.

When you think of personal branding, what do you think?

You may have thought of a celebrity, yourself, or maybe you’re sitting here wondering what the heck it means. Businessman Isaac Mashman, breaks down the concept in an easy to understand format and explains why personal branding is the future of business.

What is personal branding?

It is who YOU are. Everything about you from your name, to personality to the things that make you unique. It is not something that you create, rather something that you build. From the moment you were born, you have had a personal brand and every person who you have come in contact with has contributed to its growth.

When another person thinks of you, what do they think of?

What is your business, and how long have you been building your personal brand?

I have been consciously building my personal brand since 2017 and launched my public relations firm, Mashman Ventures in April 2020.

Why did you start a business specialized in personal branding?

I recognized early on that I had a knack for branding and marketing, and enjoyed seeing progress. I became addicted to the results to the point where my friends came to me for help. A large part that influenced my decision was scalability and long term growth. Will this be around decades from now? When I look online, I see a lot of PR firms, but they’re largely focused on outdated methods.

Why do you say personal branding is the future of business?

Look at the direction in which the world is going! We have influencers of all kinds, in practically all industries. The concept of celebrity is in a sense dying out because social media and the internet has leveled the playing field of influence. Anyone, including the person reading this can break out.

More and more businesses will come to rely on influencers for their marketing. Think about it, If you’re able to connect with someone, you trust them, and you buy from who you trust.

I also predict that companies will begin hiring in house experts to train their workforce on the importance of branding themselves as employees of their company. I’d much rather support a friend, than a stranger.

Where can people find you?

You can find me everywhere @isaacmashman and by visiting my website

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