Ishu Singh, the host of Starting to Know, the podcast has launched a digital magazine

“Dreams come true” is an inspiration for some but a constant challenge for others. Ishu Singh, a young entrepreneur with oceans of business knowledge, entered the podcast world to help others make their dreams come true. His podcast name is Starting to Know-Business, the name itself tells a story, isn’t it?

Undoubtedly, Ishu’s podcast gained immense publicity the moment it was launched. Starting from the podcast, Ishu Singh has landed on establishing a digital magazine named Starting To Know, for spreading the knowledge even more.

If you’re seeking a creative, out-of-the-box approach to assist you in building your business and develop your strategies, then this is a great podcast to check out. It is a thought-provoking and inspirational podcast that entails almost every nitty-gritty related to the business world. Not only people interested in business but people remotely attached to the business world could gain benefit from his podcast, as it is informative, relatable, and fruitful.

The market has many podcasts and digital magazines related to knowledge on the business world but Ishu Singh’s determined findings explored most of them to be providing half of the information, magazines acting more like a pure, news-based website, basically providing the knowledge which is hard to apply in the real world.

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing; it is not merely a proverb but many have been making young entrepreneurs go through the horrors and consequences of this in real life.

The business world can be intimidating sometimes, especially for the newbies with little or no knowledge, hence, podcasts such as ones hosted by Ishu Singh are a light at the end of the tunnel. Ishu Singh, using his 16 years of experience, provides listeners with solid advice, lessons, and tips on how to establish and build an online presence in the business world.

Paying heed to the significance of podcasts for sharing business knowledge, Ishu Singh has now planned to expand the ambit beyond the podcast, to the Starting To Know, the digital magazine. Singh understands how important digital learning platforms are for people nowadays, especially after the pandemic.

Today’s business community demands web-savvy, problem-solving people. Therefore, this digital magazine is not just an attempt by Singh to share his knowledge only that he has gained after years of struggle and hardship. His aim is to bring exceptional content producers to his magazine so that Starting to know magazine can become the go-to platform to learn “Business” and beyond.

Despite all the shortcomings, setbacks, and business rivalry, he was persistent and determined which made him competent enough to run a podcast so successfully till the date. He is determined for the new entrepreneurs to gain the golden business knowledge which he currently acquires.

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