It is This Thang of Ours: Making Dreams and Building Trust

Imagine you are an Instagram model. You have been working your butt off gaining those followers. Shoot after photoshoot. Traveling from one place to the next, hoping to hit it off, big. Maybe you have been told by the thousands of promotional agencies that this is your next big chance. They will handle everything for a small fee. But, in the end, nothing has been accomplished but wasted time and effort.

If you have been told this story before, fear not. There is a new digital media company in town, and they are guaranteeing to bring in plenty of money for beautiful women around the world. 

Headquartered in always sunny Los Angeles, California, Shore Thang Media has hit the ground running hard. Their mission is to focus on a bottom-up growth strategy to bring wealth and fame to their female models.  

“Shore Thang is the PG-13 Playboy of the future,” explains Zachary Elliot, the creative entrepreneur behind the company. “Not only are we a model management firm but you can also call us an influencer incubator.” 

It is with that mission statement that Elliot is looking to separate his company from the rest of what is already a pretty packed crowd. This multifaceted media group is all about trust and breaking the norm of what a model/influencer can be. 

It is that failure of trust that many models find off-putting and vulgar. This can cause a rift in future opportunities as multiple, poor experiences can be long-lasting. So, how is Shore Thang successfully getting to beautiful women with the opportunity of a lifetime? Social proof. This is especially important in marketing products as Facebook has already proven, but it is also paramount in making new friends and clients.

There is no secret in taking advantage of the plethora of media platforms available to content creators. However, Elliot and his team have developed a successful formula for advancing their models’ careers. Better yet, it is about sustaining that growth.  Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Patreon… Wherever a profile can be made, and statistics on viewership and clicks followed then you can bank on Shore Thang to utilize it. 

It is also about keeping up with the times and tech. If COVID-19 has not created enough problems for businesses across the globe, so too has a change in social media policy affected companies in negative ways. It is all about staying ahead of the curve. Elliot admits that he is a bit of a nerd when it comes to learning and utilizing what works for promoting, marketing, and sustained growth.

What is next for the ambitious and successful Shore Thang? Building a new, self-service platform and expanding its clientele are the obvious next step. 

For more information on Shore Thang head on over to their website at You can also visit their highly popular Instagram account by clicking here

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