It’s All About Playing Along With Ingredients to Bring the Magic in Food – Shetal Shah.

Shetal Shah who was born and brought up in Mumbai, Maharashtra started her career as a lecturer in the electronics department in Thadomal Shahani Bandra Mumbai after completing her degree in Electronic engineering in 2000 from Mumbai University. After that in 2001, she joined as Lecturer in Electronics and Telecommunication department in K.J Somaiya Institute of Electronic Engineering & Information Technology at Sion with her teaching profession Shetal always loved to cook and everyone around her used to praise her cooking skills. Right now she is a home chef, food critic and a menu designer.

Shetal believes that you can play with your food. Being a chef she keeps on discovering new dishes. It’s kind of her passion to play and experiment with food items and spices and to develop something that tastes so surreal.

A recipe has no soul. You, as the cook, must bring soul to the recipe. One can only put soul into the food by giving a part of theirs, that is cooking by all their heart and this is what Shetal is complimented the most.

Shetal enjoys a whole lot of fanbase on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram @swadhindustankaa. People follow Shetal for her extraordinary cooking skills. She put forward the idea of healthy cooking. She tries to cook food with the healthiest ingredients possible in the healthy way.

Your diet is a bank account. Good food choices are good investments.

So that’s why she suggests all her followers to eat healthy in the time of this pandemic. Our diet plays an important role in maintaining our health and immunity undoubtedly. In a time like this it’s important to work on it and eat super healthy to stay fit. But the younger generation is all about eating junk and unhealthy. But she put forward the idea to make those thing in a healthier way.

Like making all time favorite dhokla in a healthier way . Ever thought of it? Yes that’s possible. That’s how she suggests her followers to maintain a healthy and balanced diet along with the taste in food.

Other than this she also suggest them to work out along with eating healthy to maintain a good and disease free life.

She takes every new work project that comes to her and handles it very confidently and puts her all dedication and efforts and gives her best. In any crucial situation she never panics she handles things very politely with patience and tries to find solution in very right path.

Shetal is home chef and food critic to know more about her creativity and innovative dishes please check her social media accounts facebook and instagram @swadhindustankaa. In terms of work she’s very much dedicated and committed towards her work projects she’s always available 24X7 she always finish work within deadline with perfectness.

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