IV Leadz Presents “The Golden Checklist” to Client Success

IV Leadz is a lead generation business that helps owners and coaches increase their sales by 40% in less than 90 Days! They achieve this through social media, plug and play training programs, interactive workshops, and done for you services. They don’t only focus on numbers or throwing money at ads; instead, they put their attention toward quality and organic reach. 

The process is simple, direct, and intentional. They focus on the numbers to establish a predictable outflow resulting in a profitable ROI. 

The company was founded by Isabel Badell and Vanessa Black. Their experience, combined with their incredibly talented team, will cater to the needs of your target market. They help you achieve the highest results by using your unique voice, representing your vision, and most importantly, delivering your message to the masses.

The Golden Checklist

IV Leadz created a formula that is key to their clients’ success: The Golden Checklist. This unique outline teaches businesses how to make intentional connections to cut through the noise and stand out from the crowd. Following this checklist will open doors for your sales that you never knew existed. 

Phase One: The Foundation 

To start off any successful campaign, you need a solid base. You will have to establish the following before any kind of strategy can be put into play. 

  • Create a professional profile

A strong, professional profile allows you to position yourself as a leader in your field. A well-written profile attracts potential customers as well as other professionals, giving you the opportunity to gain new business and expand your network

  • Post consistently- once per day minimum

In order to grow your audience and your authority, you need to be sharing your knowledge. 

  • Identify your ideal client

Before you can attack sales, it’s important to know who you’re targeting. Map out what your perfect customer looks like: what are their demographics, interests, problems? 

  • Find your client using the IV Leadz strategy

Once you’ve identified your ideal client, IV Leadz will take away the guessing and provide a solid strategy to put you in front of that person based on evidence and success. 

  • Capture their attention with engagement

Growing a following and list of clients is only one part of the formula. You have to keep your audience engaged by doing things like responding to comments and DM’s, posting videos, curating user generated content (UGC), creating polls and surveys, having eye-catching content, asking questions.  

  • Send the golden message

IV Leadz has a perfectly crafted message that is guaranteed to get more interactions and boost your sales.  

Phase Two: Bridging the Gap

Once you have the basics down, it’s time to dive into more specific strategies. Closing in on a customer is easier when you have already laid the groundwork and have a sales funnel in place. The sales funnel is each step that someone has to take in order to become your customer. Each stage of the sales funnel has an impact on consumer behavior. IV Leadz knows them intimately and optimizes this process using the following two steps:

  • The path to permission
  • Seven-figure funnel 

Phase Three: Converting Leads to Clients

The majority of your leads won’t automatically convert into sales by simply being sent through your conversion funnel. It will often require additional help to produce the conversion. There are three main steps for the perfect way to convert a lead: 

  • Fortune is in the follow up 
  • The secret weapons to booking calls 
  • Rinse and repeat automation

Phase Four: 3 C’s to Scaling Your Success 

After phases one, two, and three prepped your business systems, infrastructure, and team to accommodate growth, it’s time to scale. Scaling is never easy, but using the next three items on the checklist, you can build your empire however you see fit. 

  • Community 
  • Coaching 
  • Continual Support

Are You Ready?

Following the Golden Checklist will ease you through the process of gaining more leads and clients. Some of the steps depend on key information that IV Leadz has learned through the years of perfecting their trade. It has resulted in them bringing in 10X more high quality leads, and last year, they generated over half a million dollars in organic reach.

They can create something that is unique and fully aligned to your business and the clients you want to serve. They’re ready to help your business grow to a point you’ve only dreamed of just click here!

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