J.Luciano Wants to Disrupt the Rap Culture in New York

Meet Josen Perez, aka J.Luciano, a versatile figure from New York, taking the world by storm. J.Luciano is a singer, songwriter, and rapper who got his start in music early in his teenage life and has been making hits ever since. He’s behind some of the industry’s biggest songs, including “Suttin 4 U,” which gained over 30,00 plays on SoundCloud shortly after its release, “Juliana,” “I Need a Rider,” and “Boy Meets World,” to name a few.
Originally, he had a passion for music his entire life but had not seriously taken the craft. He only looked at it as a hobby until his teen years, when he realized his aptitude for music and singing was growing intense. J.Luciano has worked on a plethora of amazing singles and videos in his short time working in the music industry, and he has no plans of stopping any time soon.
One of his biggest influences was his upbringing and how his family presented music to him, exposing him to new sounds. “Family is everything,” he recalls, saying his family inspired him to define his sounds based on how they offered him support when he chose to become an artist. It shaped his taste when it came to singing.
In his journey through music, J.Luciano has made an incredible impression in the music industry. More recently, he has enjoyed connecting with his fans through his “Fabulous Cold Summer Challenge” in 2020. To top that up, his catchy Instagram freestyle was also chosen to be added to the official Tidal playlist.
This may be your first time hearing about J.Luciano, but expect to see and hear a lot more about him this year. The possibilities are endless for the rapper. Although he focuses on his upcoming summer EP, be on the lookout for his new music coming soon and follow him on Instagram @luckyxluciano to stay connected and informed.

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