Jabril Malik Shares His Journey From Making Snare Drum Videos to Performing in Japan as an Independent Artist

There are two types of people in the world – the ones who dream when asleep and the ones whose dreams do not let them sleep. The world has witnessed people from the second category make history. Jabril Malik (on Instagram @sdjmalik) has a similar story. From making snare drum videos to staying and performing as an independent artist in Japan and then eventually traveling across America and Asia for shows, Jabril Malik’s journey is truly inspiring.  

However, behind this epic journey and the glamour of success, there are years of sheer hard work, struggle, and an undefeated determination that helped him reach where he is today. 

Jabril Malik: Early Life

He graduated from Rosemont high school, Sacramento City College, and then went on to attend Folsom Lake College followed by Prairie View A&M University. His first prominent introduction to drums was through the marching bands of his school and college. He even played percussion for both Rosemary high school as well as Folsom Lake College. 

Jabril Malik’s First Big Break

In 2006, Jabril Malik started a channel on Youtube in the hope of showcasing his talent to the world. After years of hard work, he got his first big break and was invited to play in the Universal Studios, Japan. After that, there was no looking back. Following his gig in Japan, his social media follower base grew at a crazy rate. He gained over 350,000 followers and started working towards establishing his name and brand “Super Drummer” on a global level.

Highlights From His America-Asia Tour

Jabril Malik collaborated with several percussionists and has been traveling ever since across the world to showcase his talent. He also made his live television debut on ABC 13 Las Vegas in 2016. It was after this performance that he landed his first brand endorsement with Vater Percussion at the 2019 NAMM show. 

In the summer of 2019, he took off on his first America-Asia tour for shows. He also got the opportunity to go to Florida and work alongside Synergy.Inc along with several other talented artists.

In between his tours, he went back to his hometown to teach in a drum clinic with Grant Union High School’s drumline. His tour in the United States came to an end with his performance and week-long music camp in his very own Folsom Lake College. He has a couple of websites dedicated to spreading the art of drumming – SchoolofSuperDrumming.com and SuperDrummersBootCamp.com.

Jabril Malik then started his Asia tour in China followed by Singapore and Taiwan. Everywhere he went he both performed and conducted drum clinics to share his talent. He also worked with 9Beats and was the judge of the Drum-Off Global Drum Competition with other well-known drummers.

Jabril Malik, a percussionist, educator, music producer, and video producer, added another feather to his cap with the release Nothing Less Than Epic. Vol 1, his debut music album in March 2021. Jabril’s brilliant career will continue to march on for many years to come thanks to his hard work and talent.

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