Jack McColl Explains How To “Credit Stack” Massive 0% Funding

Starting with zero business credit cards, Jack McColl was approved for $450k in credit in 13 months. He was able to do this through utilizing very strategic credit card sequences, which enabled him to get approved for 6+ cards each time. Here are his top tips for how he did it…

  1. Master “Credit Stacking”. Once you know what bureau the bank will do a credit check on, you can essentially play tetris with hard inquiries on the bureaus to maximize each credit card sequence. Through inquiry sweeps you are able to wipe the slate clean and go for additional sequences through the year.
  2. Relationships. A major key in Jack’s success is building incredibly strong relationships with each lender before applying for their credit cards. In addition to strong relationships at banks, Jack emphasized how impactful it was to develop relationships with high level relationship managers at the top banks who can assist with the card applications, and even appeal a denial decision on your behalf or get your limit increased.
  3. Corporate Credit. Another key factor for high limits was building out his business credit bureaus, which is different from your personal credit bureaus. This will take 3+ months to do correctly, however it will help you get approved for business credit limits 30%+ higher and allow you to get approved for credit accounts you don’t have to put a personal guarantee on!
  4. Know you can do it. This is possible for any business owner to accomplish. It all starts with awareness of the 5 factors that make up a FICO score and reverse engineering it to optimize each category. By doing this you become attractive to the banks, and when you are attractive to banks they are incredibly incentivized to approve you for top cards with high limits.

So how will credit benefit you and your business?

Well, Jack emphasizes that the more you can borrow, the more you can make, especially when you get approved for large limits on 0% interest business cards. This gives you the ability to not only scale your business but invest into anything you want after you are able to “pull the cash” out of the card.

As long as you are investing into things that will be making you a return by the time you own any interest that makes it an infinite return! Whether you’re investing into your business, real estate flips, or into other investment opportunities, this can help accelerate your wealth.

Jack mentioned that total outstanding credit card balances are the lowest they have been in the last 3 years, which has resulted in banks offering record high sign up offers to incentivize people to apply for cards. There has never been a better time to take advantage of these epic offers.

Jack has been teaching credit for over a year now and has launched his new brand Credit Stacking which is a 6 month mentorship program where he dives deep with students and gives them personalized game plans on how to mock the success he has had in credit and entrepreneurship. If you’re eager to grow your credit and ultimately your finances, then utilizing the expertise of someone like Jack would be a great place to start.

To find out more about Jack, you can find him on Instagram @kingofdebt.

Check it out here -> CreditStacking.com

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