Jacob Sinawi aka Big Juicy Is An Up-and-Coming Rapper You’re Not Going To Want To Miss Out On

Jacob Sinawi, AKA Big Juicy is making moves in the music industry

Typically, when thinking of Detroit, Michigan, one thing comes to mind, the motor industry. Although maybe once only drawing attraction from its extensive production of Ford motor vehicles, Detroit has much more to offer than just cars. Over the course of history, Detroit has gained a rich culture in art, sports, nightlife, and, most importantly, music. Iconic artists such as Eminem, Big Sean, and Tee Grizzly have emerged from Detroit and set the bar high for young talent coming out of the city.

With that being said, it doesn’t mean a newcomer can’t join the greats if their talent is up to par. With many young kids embracing the culture and getting involved in music, one young artist stands out in particular above the rest, and he goes by the name of Big Juicy.

Big Juicy, aka Jacob Sinawi, was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. From a young age, he started to be impacted by music as it was around him all the time. He felt a different connection with music and knew that was a sign that he was supposed to pursue a career in music. After freestyling at quite a few parties at Michigan State University, Juicy began to get positive feedback and decided it was time to take his career head-on.

Through the duration of his career thus far, he has seen great support for his music. A handful of his songs on Spotify, including “What’s the Deal,” “Keep Winning,” “My Time,” and “Be the Same,” have racked in over 10,000 streams. An impressive feat for a young artist, Big Juicy is hungry for more results and is applying pressure to take his career to new heights.

Currently an independent artist, Big Juicy is on the restless grind to get everything he needs to get done in a day. Oftentimes skipping out on sleep, he knows that the missed sleep and long nights will all be worth it in the end. Be sure to check out Big Juicy as he continues on his journey to join the likes of some of the best talent to come out of Detroit.

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Written by Jeremy Morris

3. Jeremy Morris is a force in the marketing and PR world, serving thousands of musicians, brands, and entrepreneurs helping them grow their presence online. Starting his online career with the goal of growing his own page, Jeremy learned quickly what works in the industry and what doesn't. He used his past experiences and what was successful for him to be able to start helping others grow in the same fashions he did. Jeremy is currently an integral part of the company EveryDay Success Team, where the company focuses on all out growth and development for thousands of clients, whether its press, social media growth, app development, spotify playlisting, and much more.

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