Jacub Sanderson on Starting Noncapti

Products are made in a factory but brands are created in the mind.

An extraordinary business starts with extraordinary people and extraordinary people start with a purpose. Noncapti – a fashion brand started by Jacub Sanderson and his brother, Carter Sanderson.

They do drops around issues they think are important. The goal for the drop is to spread awareness and also raise money for whatever the drop is about. They donate 15% of profits towards charities and foundations that help in these areas.

Public perception is like an iron gate, that somehow Jacub Sanderson and his brother have developed the keys to open and close. Noncapti began when Jacub started screen printing for fun and making custom pieces. Since then he has been trying to find his own path in the fashion industry. He wants their designs to be unique and appreciated by the people who wear them. He has previewed some designs for his upcoming drop on his instagram and gotten a lot of positive feedback. Jacub shares, “I am still very new to this and trying to perfect my craft, get my 10,000 hours in, and grow a community that wants to see change”.

What makes his brand unique is the fact that they have drops around specific topics, with the goal to spread awareness and raise money for certain issues. Jacob shares, “We aren’t being true to ourselves or our message if we don’t truly stand by our beliefs. By giving away part of the proceeds we feel we actually have a chance to make an impact.”

We live in a society in which it is not reality, but perception, that controls the opinion of the average consumer. Jacub shared his thoughts on drops, telling us, “We want each drop to feel like a whole experience, not just a transaction” They were inspired by a lot of brands in the streetwear category, Jacub consumes a lot of content in this category and it has allowed him to learn from other creators. That’s how Jacub decided he would do drops with no restocks, he believes that is the best way to run an online clothing brand.

Future plans for the brand is to expand and start marketing it on more platforms. TikTok specifically is where they are looking to expand. Nowadays it doesn’t make sense to not be a part of that platform. He has also plans to start a youtube channel to try to show their audience more about himself and behind the scenes. As for the future drops, you’ll just have to wait and see.

As the fashion climate continues to evolve it is clear that it will require initiative and hard work from those who wish to stay on top. One thing is for sure, however the space changes, it is certain that Noncapti will be there, leading the charge.



Written by Umesh Agarwal

Umesh Agarwal, a founding member of Credit 101 LLC (, an established entrepreneur, credit guru, and mentor, is no exception to the young thinkers who wandered through the idea of being your own boss and escaping the shackles of micromanagement. What separated him from the rest of the aspiring millionaires is how his ideas fueled his life to action. Umesh studied Engineering in India; eventually moved to Texas and completed his Masters of Science in Engineering.