Jae Park’s Top Tips for Becoming a Business Success

Many of us come from the generation told we couldn’t make money unless we got a 9-5 office job. If we didn’t get out of bed and hand CVs in, we would never make something of ourselves.

Jae Park is one of the living examples of how this is utter garbage. You can have a successful online career if you want to… you just have to know what you are doing. Times have changed, the world has evolved, and business success no longer means showing up in a suit to endless meetings. If the covid pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that most of the management doesn’t need to show up at all.

High-Flying Niche Selection

Jaepark’s first tip for us internet mogul newbies is to select a niche in the internet domain that allows you to make a profit. You might be good at gaming, so streaming is your strongest suit. You might be fun and beautiful, so TikTok is your best bet. You might be severe about modern history, so YouTube is your best bet. 

For Jaepark, he was good at creating adverts. Since advertising is one of the most lucrative areas of the internet, he quickly made a living from it. His first successful internet business designed Facebook ads for bigger enterprises, meaning he earned a cool million by the time he was 23. 

Sticking to the Business Point

Another top tip Jaepark insists made him successful is sticking to the one business. At first, he tried out different business ventures and threw around ideas to create multiple income streams. Unfortunately, this was holding him back.

“I became good at a hundred different things, but I needed to be great, not good.” He says. He insists that it wasn’t until he stopped splitting his time between three or four things at once that he finally made progress as a businessman. Breaking your time means you have many different ideas but no solid income from any of them. Focus is the key to success.

Determination gets you everywhere.

Jae park left school at only 16 years old, aware already that they couldn’t teach him the things he needed to know to make his first million. He knew only that he wanted to make enough money that his parents wouldn’t need to work anymore. When he left school, he had only been in the USA for five years, had a poor grasp of the language, and didn’t fit into the usual math/English/history studying mold. 

Instead, he branched out into the world of internet entrepreneurship armed with only his internet savvy. He made influential friends along the way that showed him the ropes of money-making in the advertising workspace, and then he didn’t look back. 

Jaepark made $6.2 million when he sold that first business. Both his parents are now retired, and he, himself, aims to retire by thirty. He still runs a digital marketing firm, but he no longer needs to work all hours of the day to pay the bills.

When you have the determination, the know-how follows suit. 

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