Jake Paul Built a Business Empire Around Social Media

Believe it or not, Jake Paul doesn’t mess around when it comes to business. The internet personality, actor, rapper and now professional boxer was an original when it came to being interested in the business side of social media. Jake paul built the internet’s first social media label dubbed Team 10 which pioneered a whole new generation of YouTube. Although Team 10 seems to be no longer, Paul is still building a business empire that many of his followers don’t see. 

Here’s a quick rundown of the business side of Jake Paul:

Fanjoy – Co-owner 

Fanjoy is a leading e-commerce merchandise and brand-building partner for creators all over the world. The company sells merchandise for some of the world’s biggest creators including Colleen Ballinger, Nick Austin, and Tana Mongeau. Paul co-founded the merchandise powerhouse when he realized how profitable clothing is as a monetization route for influencers. Instead of just selling his own merchandise, he helped create a platform that would help other influencers outsource everything from designing, screen printing, shipping, and customer service.

Team 10 – Founder

This first-ever social media label was created by Jake Paul in 2015 to nurture aspiring social media influencers, assist in growing their followings and teach them how to create viral content. Although it is unclear if Team 10 has any projects in the works, their website states they specialize in “digital content creation, creative strategy, YouTube, Instagram, e-commerce, Snapchat, music, management, video, and entertainment.” 

Prize Fighter 

Not only has Jake been heavily involved in the business world but he also stepped into the boxing ring. His social media presence has gained him publicity and also enabled him to capitalize off his haters who want to see him get knocked out in a boxing match. He told Forbes, “At the end of the day, it’s business. If I can drive a lot of PPV buys, people have to respect that as well. I’m bringing in a new audience to boxing.”


Paul has also made investments in Triller, a video-sharing platform that seeks to rival TikTok. In 2017, Jake also invested in Genies, an avatar, and digital goods company. The star also just broke headlines for his new project titled the “Anti Fund.” The company which was formed with entrepreneur Geoffrey Woo “enables investors to raise money through a quarterly subscription from interested backers” according to Yahoo.

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