James Burleson Doesn’t Take Talent for Granted

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There are plenty of very talented people in the entertainment world, a world that is among the most competitive of industries. It’s easy to think you’re a talented actor or actress until you mix in with some of the world’s best, and you realize the lines between one person’s talent and another are razor-thin.

That’s when you realize that talent alone can’t carry you.

And that’s why there’s no shortage of talented actors in Los Angeles and beyond who are waiting tables instead of acting in films.

The truth is, hard work, persistence, grit, and a willingness to give it everything you have are what usually separate those who make it from those who don’t.

Accomplished actor James Burleson spent years serving our country before going into Hollywood, and the work ethic he learned along the way served him well. He’s a unique Hollywood talent who’s quickly on the rise, and is no stranger to hard work. (You can follow James on Instagram @jburlesonactor).

James has featured in numerous feature film and TV productions. A United States Air Force veteran with 8 years of service, James concluded his service in 2011 to pursue a full-time acting career… risking stability and a long-term future in the process.

“It was an enormous risk leaving a secure, military role into an insecure position, but I’m so glad I took the risk.”

But the risk paid off. James has acted in over 80 different productions, handling a wide range of roles in various complex genres. In 2022 alone, James has acted in 6 projects including the Lifetime series #TextMeWhenYouGetHome as well as two feature films, Mister Gates (Dondaga Films) and Homeboys (NSM Production & JF Bailey Films), both expected for release in 2023. James is as comfortable making you laugh as he is playing a deeper character.

James’ philosophy is becoming someone his audience can genuinely feel and understand.

“My passion behind acting is escaping into another dimension of empathy to where the audience can escape to connect and relate, thereby making an impact.”

“I grew up in a military family, as my father served for 26 years in the United States Air Force (USAF). I had no ties or connections in the entertainment industry. I had to put forth all the efforts and actions into getting to know the business on my own. I went through many years of acting as an extra on productions, acting in many student films and short films. All of that eventually led to bigger opportunities like getting cast in feature films as well as episodes on various TV productions. Where there is a will, there is a way. My motivation and perseverance in doing what I love to do will never die.”

When rejection and adversity would cause most to crumble, James has persisted and adjusted to the unpredictable challenges of Hollywood.

“You never know what a Casting Director is thinking, so do not worry about something you cannot control, like rejection. It will show in your face, and you most likely will not book the audition. Also, treat each audition as if you are having fun. Even if you do not book it, use each audition as a learning experience to succeed and grow stronger in your craft.”

James aims to expand to over 100 credits within the next few years.

“I’m a professional, and I’m devoted to mastering characters using methods of instinct as well as strong, in-depth improvisational skills. My goal is to make a cinematic impact on global audiences.”

“Success is achieved by taking fearful risks. Whether you succeed or fail at a risk, you still win by learning from each and every experience. It makes you stronger and less afraid in your future.”

James’s most familiar work includes an episode of Mystery Diners on the Food Network, where he played a manager who steals a barbecue sauce recipe from his uncle, the owner, and a role on Investigation Discovery’s Most Evil, the series finale of the show, in which he played a serial killer named Levi King. He also played Sean Penn and Jim Toth on two separate episodes of “The Price of Fame” on the REELZ channel.

One of James’s most proud accomplishments is the film “The Johnny Starr Story,” based on a true story about a musician who dies mysteriously with his band in a plane crash. 

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