James Cuthbert – A British Entrepreneur and Founder of UK Leading IT Company, Tetrabyte

You are working on your PC and wanted some software to help you at work. So, you opened up a mainstream software downloading website and downloaded the software without running a virus scan.

Suddenly you see that many tabs start opening on your PC, and all of your data gets encrypted. You call the IT guy to check up on your PC, but he says that it is above his pay grade as there are hackers involved and only a ransom could help you. That is when James’s company Tetrabyte comes in and helps to solve the problem.

Who is James Cuthbert? How did he start Tetrabyte?

James Cuthbert, a British entrepreneur, was born on the 27th of July 1982 in Hastings, East Sussex, UK. James’s IT career started at a very young age. His passion for computer technology began when he was a child and has only gotten stronger over the years, taking him from a BBC master computer with dial-up internet to today’s ultra-fast computers.

During his time working in this sector for over two decades, James has witnessed and been a part of numerous changes, which resulted in launching his own information technology firm, Tetrabyte.

Tetrabyte: Overview, Achievement and Characteristics

Tetrabyte is a UK leading business IT and telecoms company that provides you with all-encompassing, cost-effective network solutions. They offer a complete range of telecommunication services, including phone systems, cloud computing services and much more, to keep the businesses running smoothly 24/7!

After several years of effort and development in the Telecom sector, Tetrabyte had successfully launched its services by offering free demos in their launching stage. The clients were fully satisfied with the services, and that was when the Tetrabyte started to get popular all over the UK. After just a few demos, Tetrabyte managed to capture 80% of its client base and acquire new clients simultaneously.

You can find recommendations from the clients of the giant corporations on James’s LinkedIn and the Tetrabyte site.

Top Qualities and Characteristics of Tetrabyte set by James

James Cuthbert believes that his engineers must be more than IT specialists – they must also possess the ability to understand their client’s problems and communicate effectively with them so as to ensure a positive outcome, even when the client may not have all of their questions answered.

Rather, James directs all Tetrabyte employees to ensure a smooth process of communication in order to validate clients’ ideas and concerns while reassuring them that they are being listened to and cared for. Clients must feel like an advocate is speaking on their behalf when dealing within any other area of the company or hiring an outside team to develop products or features!

Here are some of the top qualities of Tetrabyte that make them different from other IT service companies and specialists in the UK.

#1: Transparency- No Long Term Contracts

Tetrabyte offers simple monthly or 30 days contracts that won’t force a company and clients to pick up and move on if they are not entirely satisfied with the business’s services.

The company’s managing director, James Cuthbert, isn’t afraid of transparency. He’s straightforward and blunt. He provides every opportunity to the clients to abandon or discontinue working with the company if they are not fully satisfied with the services. James’s pride and passion for what he does show through his exceptional service.

#2: All-in-one Solution- One Point of Operation

James’s ethos is that his customers don’t want to be given a wide array of contact information every time they need to do something with their technology; they just want someone who will get the job done right.

James has designed Tetrabyte in this way because he values customer satisfaction over profit and knows that having customers means he’ll always have work!

Tetrabyte engineers are experienced in all the common productivity tools and business software packages that you would find in just about any industry. They also have significant experience with cloud-based file storage, sharing, and communication platforms such as OneDrive, SharePoint, Dropbox, Office 365, and AzureAD.

#3: Expert Communication

Professional engineers answer all the calls and not just a representative to maximise customer satisfaction and fasten the process.

#4: Utmost Convenience

The company offers a return to base hardware option, which means the customers can directly send their products to the company for fixing, and they will be shipped back to them once the problem has been rectified.

What is the Secret behind James’s Success?

What James Cuthbert has accomplished as of today is no easyfeat, and it shows that if you put your mind and heart into something, you will conquer it at the end of the day.

As the sole company director of his tech firm, he has created a mini giant of a company with only one vision: to focus on the problems of people and provide them with the best solution possible.

What makes James’s Company so successful?

When asked for advice from Tetrabyte Engineers, he simply said that engineers are problem solvers and they should behave like one. Gaining IT knowledge is a secondary thing, but the primary motive of a Tetrabyte engineer should be to listen to their clients’ problems with full attention and provide them with the best solution possible.

It doesn’t matter if the client has enough knowledge about the problem and its possible solution; an engineer must do justice to his profession by choosing one of the best options or available solutions when it comes to solving the client’s issues.

On top of that, James also stressed that all of his junior engineers should make sure that after the solution has been applied, the client must be asked for honest feedback about the company, whether they are satisfied with the service or not.

Additionally, the Tetrabyte engineers must ensure that customers feel highly regarded and that no problem is too little to be taken to the Tetrabyte’s team.

Official Social Media links of James Cuthbert:

Website: https://tbyte.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jcsuperstaruk/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/jcsuperstaruk

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jamestetrabyte

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/jcsuperstar

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