James William Awad Is Redefining Age in Business

James William Awad is not your typical entrepreneur. His biggest struggle was not to find a successful business idea, but, rather, his age.

James has always been a technological genius. When he was only 12 years old, he developed his first-ever video game. It was a joint project with his cousin. They finished the product but didn’t know how to sell it, so it didn’t go any further.

Later, when James was 14-years-old, he began working as a freelance developer on an online platform. He had to lie about his age and tell clients that he was nearly 30, otherwise, they wouldn’t want to work with him regardless of his amazing talent.

The success was encouraging to James. He spent all that he earned on C++ coding books as an investment into his learning and future. 

With the rest of his earnings, he paid for his parents’ mortgage. The following year, James returned to video games.

A Chinese company was buying virtual coins that he generated in online games which in turn made him a lot of money at a very young age.

James was a huge success. He generated a lot of money which encouraged him to create his very own online business.

The young entrepreneur launched an online store that sold over 200,000 different products. The beautiful thing was that since it was all online, no warehouse was needed. The recipe spelled success.

James continues to achieve one milestone after another in his business journey. He is currently working on TripleOne — a decentralized company where users collaborate to build and manage the whole thing.

Unlike traditional companies, at this one, each user earns based on their level of participation and involvement.

The concept has been a huge hit and James is working on scaling the business. This is just one of the 13 companies that he currently runs.

TripleOne allows users to manage a wide variety of things from e-commerce to real estate. It’s an incredible way for users to get rewarded for their work. 

James is still an idea powerhouse and is always thinking of how else he could be expanding his empire and what he could be creating.

“I actually don’t believe that the majority of companies out there are using their teams’ full potential. Google, for example, has its people working on side projects and empowering them to be leaders. That’s a strategy that works,” explains James.

The entrepreneur believes that in order to make it in business in the age of social media, you have to continuously innovate and deliver the best possible service to your clients.

He is proud to have created a first-ever, revolutionary idea with TripleOne. To find out more about James William’s journey you can follow him on his Instagram.

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