Jason McGee and Jamaal Evans, two Young Entrepreneurs, Reveal the way to Becoming Successful Investment Tycoons

Young entrepreneurs cum Business partners, Jason McGee and Jamaal Evans, who gained the attention of people all around the world by teaching financial literacy in the forex and investment markets, have added oil and gas investing to their repertoire.

Investments in the Oil & Gas industry have always been regarded as a high return industry. The typically projected earnings from any investments in this industry normally run from 5 to 10 times the initial amount invested.

Though the risks are high, investments into this market continue to pour in mainly because of the alluring high returns of this sector. This is why these young entrepreneurs, in partnership with Frac Sand distribution company, Permian Basin Proppants, have assisted over 500 partners in gaining vast wealth while venturing with Permian Basin Proppants to double assets and profits

Jamal and Jason, cousins, went into business together. Jamaal learned forex way back in 2005 and brought Jason McGee under his tutelage. The apprentice soon became a master as Jason implemented the marketing segment, and in turn, taught the CEO of an Oil and Gas company. In response, the CEO promoted Jamaal and Jason to Vice President positions in the company.

Speaking about their joint venture, Jason McGee said: ”What makes this unique is because we are creating a platform for everyone to invest in a new and secure way! The biggest billionaires in the world all invest in oil and gas, but we are taking it from Wall Street to Mainstreet.”

The duo is currently designing an app to make oil and gas investing easier for novice investors. Additionally, a program for the youth to learn about investing is also imminent. ”We also have a foundation called the movement where we volunteer and do charity work. All in all, we will be traveling the world showing anyone who is interested how to invest and gain the best ROI around”, said Jason McGee.

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