Jay Awal: From Dropping Out of College to Establishing MxM as a Leading Educational Platform

While most people grow up learning about math, history, and science, there is no prerequisite course in educational institutions that teaches people about happiness, emotional intelligence and wealth creation. Unfortunately for most, learning about these topics may be the most crucial skills that people need to know. This is where Jay Awal – an emerging entrepreneur – dives in to rescue. After walking away from college to pursue his goal, Awal has visited over 20 countries, creating content and addressing thousands on establishing numerous streams of income and how to utilize technology to their benefit and not the other way round.

Coming from a financially-challenged household, Awal witnessed the repercussions of inadequate financial literacy on families, the standard of living, and the generational curses it carries along. It is now his purpose to help people grasp the power of innovation, emotional intelligence as well as the banking and monetary system, and that transformation is occurring at the moment.

Awal set up an entire movement focusing on the cause, ‘MxM The Movement.’ Unlike the conventional income-generating system, Awal is helping people learn about the ways to earn money without the need to clock in and out, so they can have money working for them rather than spending their lives working for it.

‘MxM The Movement’ offers a level-playing field for anyone with zero experience and a paltry amount of money to start their own business, as well as for those with plenty of experience and an abundance of resources. This revolution is pulling in both demographics with the same amount of potential in income and impact. It has been expanding rapidly across continents, intending to have over a million students globally by 2021..

While Awal has already enjoyed a fair share of success, his journey to represent this cause has just started. He strives to explore ways to help people escape the chain of finances by assisting them in taking a deeper dive into the roots of their obstacles. It will be fascinating to see the journey of Awal from here. He has the capability to help millions of individuals with his content about money and entrepreneur knowledge.

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