Jay Ferrer, AKA Jay Kinda Funny, Shares The Secret To Creating Powerful Content Online

A recent study estimated that, on average, each of us spends upwards of one hundred days online each year. Studies like this prove that if you truly want to make a powerful impact in today’s world, you need to go online. Jay Ferrer, better known as Jay Kinda Funny, appears to have cracked the formula for creating the kind of content that leaves a lasting impact. He shares his secret below.

According to Jay Ferrer, there is a simple reason why some video content can keep us in its grasp for eight minutes, and some cause us to lose interest after thirty seconds. Connection, he explains, is the secret to creating compelling content. “You impact the life of someone else when you connect with them,” he says. Elaborating further, Jay explains,

In the real world, we speak clearly and make eye contact to ensure that our message is being received, we find a way to connect with the person we are speaking to. When creating online content that conveys a powerful message, we have to find a way to connect with our audience.

Jay Ferrer believes that building this all-important connection becomes easier when you know exactly what you want your audience to take from your content. “If you create videos simply to collect views and subscribers, you will quickly discover that without a purpose, your content is not engaging.”

Having made the jump from 500k to 22 million followers in just one year, Jay Ferrer is a certified authority on how to connect with an audience. The success of his TikTok videos resulted in the creation of his official Snapchat Jay All Day, and he has used his expanding influence to bring laughter into the lives of people worldwide.

Online content can cross continents and change minds. Jay Ferrer believes its power can be accessed by anyone ready to build genuine connections and share a meaningful message.

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