Jay Jones — The 23 Years old Social Media Marketing Expert who is Helping Artists And Brands Increase Their Reach

If you’re a business looking to grow your social media presence, you must check out Jay Jones. A genius marketing expert who started his business in the lockdown period and in a very short time has become one of the most successful entrepreneurs, helping small scale brands and Multi-million dollar brands create and boost their social media presence.

Jay is a 23 year old from Shropshire, United Kingdom and runs his own online marketing agency. Jay has also worked with various A list celebrities like Floyd Mayweather and Iggy Azalea to promote various brands and create relatability.

Originally, Jay used to be in the business of trading stocks and shares but since the market went haywire because of the sudden onset of the pandemic, Jay withdrew from it and started social media marketing.

In an interview, he was asked about how he ended up doing social media marketing, to which he replied by saying that he noticed a lot of businesses struggling even after paying thousands of pounds in promotions with no results.

He further commented, “After a lot of thought, I knew there was a niche in the market that I could target and ultimately I could help grow. Therefore I started reaching out to businesses via any way that I possibly could, proposing how I could help scale their business, brand and social media presence”.

His company Instant Marketing has achieved more in a year than most veteran companies. Jay has helped artists, brands and businesses across Europe grow their audience and strengthen their online presence.

He works with a variety of companies from start up to 7 figure businesses and is creating a name for himself as the social media whiz!

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