Jay Pareil on Finding Instagram Fame

Whether you are big into hip hop or not, you should remember one single name in 2021: and that’s Jay Pareil. Real name Joseph A Irving III, this is one young rapper that is reaching for the stars.

Jay made his debut onto the hip hop scene in Philadelphia with his official single, ‘Digital Math’ which was released back in 2019. Used to a life of fast cars and fortune, this affluent 20-something year old was no stranger to the world of rapping before that. 

Jay knew from a young age that rap was going to be his forte. He knew that he would find fame through it if he only persevered. While still in school, he would learn the lyrics to all his favorite hip hop and rap songs, then he would practice the word flow relentlessly until he was as good as those that sang in them. 

By his mid-20s, Jay Pareil knew exactly what he wanted to do with his life. Rap was his calling, something he had spent a decade perfecting his skills in. He set his eyes on the prize and has never looked back.

Jay’s take on being Insta-Famous

For Jay, it was rap stardom that beckoned before he ever even opened an Instagram account. He is not one of those artists that have become famous for having a massive following. Rather, it is the opposite for him. He was on the Philly rap scene from a young age, learning to spit rhymes with the best of them. He learned his rhymes and earned his stripes among the audiences of his hometown. 

It was this fan base that catapulted him towards IG mastery. Jay was on the page for mere days before he noticed his following skyrocket. Strangely enough, that skyrocketing aligned with the release of his second single. The publicity, it seemed, alerted those that didn’t already appreciate his music to the Jay Pareil cause. 

Since emerging formally onto the Philly rap scene in 2019, Jay has gone from strength to strength. When he isn’t found driving fast cars or posing for model-style Instagram shots, Jay can be found in the studio, where he works for anything up to 16 hours a day. Jay likes to spend as long as it takes on a track to get it laid down while he is still in the flow. 

What’s the secret to his success? It’s consistent, a high-quality product, and good music. Emulate those things and you, too, could be the next big thing in Rap.

Following Jay

If you haven’t had enough of Jay Pareil yet, you can find all of his tunes online for you to buy. Try the Apple Music Store, SoundCloud, or Shopify to download his beats. You can also check him out on YouTube, where you can watch his official music videos. Last but not least, head over to Twitter and hear what the next big rap star has to say… one day, we are all going to be hanging on these words.

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