Jayden Premo is Canada’s Hidden Gem

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Jayden Premo has yet again graciously gifted his supporters with a new mixtape this summer, cryptically titled “Toronto’s Anomaly.”

The cover and tracklist of the tape were officially posted to Jayden Premo’s Instagram account earlier this week, to which his supporters showed much excitement in the comment section. Toronto’s Anomaly consists of 14 tracks and no features. The tape begins and closes with well-known singles “Visionary” and “Mulaversary,” both of which can be found on editorial playlists like Northern Bars on Spotify, and The New Toronto on Apple Music.

With over a decade of musical experience at only 26 years old, Jayden Premo should not be taken lightly. Although we may not know much about his personal life, judging by his discography, it’s fair to say he’s consistent and reliable. Since the start of his career as a teen, Premo has prided himself on learning the ins and outs of the music industry from scratch, which not many can say these days.

From the beginning, Premo has worked as a one-man team, and the longevity of his career has given him the luxury of experimenting and discovering his own abilities. His foundational knowledge of song composition, mixing and mastering, and business smarts certainly give him an edge over a lot of his competitors from the city and play a significant role in the steady incline of his career.

Over the years, we’ve noticed that Premo’s sound has become almost entirely melodic, as opposed to the hybrid of rap and melodies he originally entered the game with. Nevertheless, the progression in his songwriting and engineering is apparent. His song quality is a lot crisper, his delivery is much sharper, and he sounds a lot more confident. All in all, his style has become effortless, and he seems to have found his footing.

Although we haven’t received an official explanation as to what “Toronto’s Anomaly” means, it’s reasonable to assume he’s referring to his “dare to be different” attitude in music and self-representation. He’s authentic, versatile, and big on the concept of empowerment. Simply put, Jayden Premo’s sound is a breath of fresh air in this heavily auto-tuned and violent era of music.

On more vulnerable tracks like “Hope,” Premo describes facing internal battles but remaining persistent with fulfilling his vision and separating himself from those who do not share his mindset. Jayden Premo has let his audience know he is no stranger to pain. He was raised in some of the poorest neighbourhoods of Toronto –– home to many immigrants and single-parent households with little access to resources.

The living circumstances of these areas are bound to come with many mental stresses and temptations that have led plenty down a destructive path. Even with the odds stacked against him, Premo chose the road less travelled. The idea of breaking generational curses and what is designed for those of lower socioeconomic status are much more rewarding than a quick come up for Jayden Premo. His relentlessness to make this happen despite his obstacles is remarkable, to say the least.

With that being said, there is still a lot that is unknown about Jayden Premo. He lives a rather low-key life and seems to only share what he wants others to know. Many would consider him to be an introvert, however, this may have been key to keeping himself on the straight and narrow, and clear of industry drama.

It appears that Premo has had a major boost in confidence over the past year, and has become a tad bit flashy. He has also been making considerable effort in building connections with his audience through his social media and visuals to complement his singles.

It is expected that Toronto’s Anomaly will come with a few surprises from the flourishing artist. Jayden Premo is what some would call an underdog, but by the looks of things, that’ll soon change. Jayden Premo just may be destined to take Toronto by storm.

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