JayQ the Legend- The Rising Artist Sending Good Vibes With Positive Beats

Music has a way of reaching people and making them feel better.

Music has a way of reaching people and making them feel better. For artists like JayQ The Legend, music is a way to escape and enjoy liberation. His rap music is more soulful, with meaningful lyrics that stand out in the crowd. The songs are relatable for the listeners, and from listening to his songs, they can feel how much he loves making music. Here is a brief description of the artist who proudly calls himself The Legend!

 About early life

JayQ The Legend grew up in New Orleans and Louisiana areas. He has always been a very good observer. Thus he would always try to frame his thoughts into lyrics and poetry at the age of 12. He found freedom whenever he poured his thoughts into poetry and lyrics.
He started his liking and journey towards music at the age of 13 when he joined the school choir. This was when he became serious about music and wanted to groom this talent of his. Starting as a gospel singer and later joined the rap music industry. Today his urban, pop music makes the listeners’ feet move.

 Using music to escape from reality

JayQ The Legend didn’t have the best childhood. At a very young age, he witnessed physical abuse towards his mother. For him, the only way to escape from this reality and overcome the trauma was through music. It was a way for him to vent out his frustrations and speak out about his thoughts. Even today, his lyrics are very inspiring. Even after getting awarded and appreciated for his hit songs, JayQ The Legend did not forget his journey to the music industry. It inspires him when making music. People might see him as an artist who enjoys a luxurious life but, he still prefers solitude over the hustle-bustle. His struggles in the past made him a strong person today, and he likes to keep himself grounded and away from material riches.

The past may have had an effect on the little JayQ The Legend, but he overcame and fought it with his love for music. He served in Marine and, after that, became a civil rights lawyer. With this position, he wanted to help children who go through traumatic experiences at a young age and support their future dreams. Having experienced it himself, he knows how difficult it can be for young minds to go through traumas. Just like he took help from music and poetry, he wants other kids to also find their escape and live a happy life.

 His biggest hit- “Body Talk”

After being a gospel singer in his schooling years, he left to serve his country as a Marine. During his service period, he visited many countries and got to know about Afro-Caribbean sounds. This was his inspiration to make his own music. He took more inspiration from his favorite artists Queen, Michael Jackson, and Bob Marley, in making his debut release in June 2019 with “Body Talk”.
The fact that made this song a hit on social media platforms was the relatable lyrics. It talks about the importance of honesty and proper communication in a relationship. When mixed with upbeat hip-hop music, the inspiring lyrics made it a big hit among the listeners. Later he even dropped a remix version of this song using the Afro-Caribbean music beats.

JayQ The Legend is a great music artist and producer whose every other music is inspiring and beautiful. He keeps trying to inspire the younger crowd into striving for a brighter future and honing their talents. Hope in the future, this man keeps making great music and reach out to as many people as possible with his inspiring and relatable lyrics.

Matthew Thomas

Written by Matthew Thomas

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