Jellyboxx Bounce Partnership with and LUXOUT

It’s launching in Miami.

South Beach artist and swimsuit fashion designer Gina Itor has partnered with during Art Basel 2020 to launch her electronic accessories venture, “Jellyboxx Bounce”, a durable and fashionable phone case with an international title sponsorship deal. The streaming platform, which reaches two billion devices via GoogleTV, AppleTV, xBox One, Amazon, Samsung and others, announced the deal during a Basel charity event at LUXOUT, a private membership beach club at the Sagamore Hotel South Beach, which will stream events monthly on Richard Mahee, founder of negotiated the channel on cable TV in India with 2.3 million subscribers and broadcasts to three hundred million homes in one hundred countries.

“My father was an artist and lived in Spain as Salvador Dali’s apprentice with his mother and father,” says Itor. “I have started a business initiative to manufacture phones, accessories and insert music, video, and film from our content providers in them.”

“Jellyboxx Bounce product series is a strong compliment to the effort because it’s content driven.” says Mahee. “The monthly event will integrate into our music video countdown show at LUXOUT and we will sign both artists and musicians to the brand for campaigns,”

“We are promoting the –M12 TV / Champagne, Fashion along with Stephan Morris (TV) brand and his brand /corporate partner business initiatives. I aim to produce compelling content, grow subscribers for our streaming channel and our build our membership community worldwide,” says Stephan Morris, Founder of

Each month the Jellyboxx Bounce Campaign will stream and be available on all major networks (Vimeo, Youtube, and Vevo).

IG: @jellyboxxbounce

IG: @Gina_Itor

IG: StephanMorris

Twitter: @Mahvrick

More about Gina Itor

Gina an artist and entrepreneur who lives in both Miami and Los Angeles. She is known for her ART with pieces from her collection selling for upwards of $150,000 dollars (US), and she also designs swimwear lines.

More about Richard Mahee

Richard is an investor in music and events who seed-financed and executively produced “Why? Because it’s Christmas” Holiday Album with 20 Mouseketeers. The project broke the Billboard Magazine Compilation Charts the first week of its release, ranking at number 21. He is the founder of M12Empire, including M12tv and M12Champagne. Richard is co-founder of Opioid Awareness Foundation.

More about Stephan Morris

CESV Capital Holding (CESV) is a consulting firm that focuses on revenue growth strategies within the advertising, live entertainment, hospitality, digital media productions and publishing industries. CESV has collaborated with top brands to produce live entertainment and digital experiences for targeted audiences. These case studies generated over $100+ million in direct revenue and $27 Million in indirect revenue with multi-national brand partners and local clients in Miami.


Written by Jay Feldman

Dr. Jay Feldman is an Osteopathic medical doctor, speaker, and serial entrepreneur. He is the founder of several successful companies such as Otter Public Relations, Instelite, and REX Fitness. In addition to running multiple businesses, he hosts the Mentors Collective Podcast where he teaches the secrets to business success and creating freedom. He maintains a strong social media presence with over 200,000 followers. Dr. Feldman was recently named International Business Times "Top Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2020"

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