Jennifer Patterson – Bringing a Passionate Approach to Modern Real Estate

Most people often find themselves putting off property deals until they unavoidably have to face them. This lack of motivation is caused by an absence of streamlining with the processes. People just want to have all the information laid out as accurately as possible, and they want to know that they are working with someone who has their best interests at heart.

According to top-rated American real estate agent, Jennifer Patterson, the first responsibility every realtor owes a client is to provide a solid level of comfort over the entire process. There’s no point in contacting an agent to streamline your journey only to end up stressed and confused. Jennifer believes that a genuine demeanor fuelled by honesty from the start is the surest way of endearing oneself to clients for long-term and lifetime relationships.

“I’m all about developing relationships with my clients,” Jennifer says. “My business is very much relationship-based, and, if the transactions follow, that’s great. But my goal is to become their Realtor for life. I’m very passionate about helping them achieve their goals, whether that’s buying or selling. It becomes my mission.”

With over 16 years of experience in the real estate industry, Jennifer, of Keller Williams, is now recognized as one of the top-tier agents in the Triangle Region of North Carolina. She sells properties across Chatham, Durham, Orange, and Wake counties and is fondly known for bringing an enlivening approach to every property showing no matter the size. Every deal is special.

When passion meets a need for adventure

Jennifer delved into the real estate industry in 2005 when she took over the management of her family’s properties. “My father and mother had purchased forty properties in South Carolina in order to create a nest egg for retirement and my in-laws owned rental property in Chapel Hill. They had been an example of using real estate for investment,” the mom of two recounts. “I knew I had to help the family with the management and financials of these properties. It just made sense.”

Being a trusted real estate agent is more than just being able to assist clients with buying houses and helping others sell properties. There’s so much more to this field because nearly every aspect of a successful transaction depends on the relator’s charisma and knowledge of the business. A great agent is a true fiduciary with extensive negotiation ability, financial acumen, and keen listening skills. Jennifer was a  Certified Public Accountant (CPA) for over 20 years, a phase of her life that has helped in no small way to elevate her success in real estate.

Jennifer truly believes, “It’s always in a client’s best interest when an agent is focused on working with their budget and giving them the best value for their money. I’m able to use my business intuition to help them succeed.”

Another important determinant of an agent’s success in the industry is how they package their value. How do you present yourself, your brand, and your work to prospective buyers and sellers? What do people make of you at face value? Most times, when hiring a professional, people depend exclusively on their first impression. What would anyone’s first thoughts about your services be?

These questions guided Jennifer’s path and decisions as she set herself up to become one of the most respected professional realtors in her region. Prior to a home being listed, Jennifer’s staging team works ahead of her to provide free consultations to clients. All her listings are photographed, videoed, and cataloged exclusively by professionals, all floor plans are created by an expert appraiser, and all marketing materials are custom-designed. The same amount of energy and dedication goes into each contract and the success rate is laudable.

I treat each listing as if it’s a live performance. If we really  to do our preparation in order to perform well during the listing period, it translates in top dollar for the seller’s property

In 2017, Jennifer was recognized by the Triangle Business Journal as one of the top 25 realtors in the region. Alongside her business, Jennifer is a well-established philanthropist, known for her kind heart and giving hands. She’s passionate about helping the less privileged. She donates actively to an international home-building organization that shelters the poor.

“For each transaction, whether it’s a sale or a purchase,” she says, “I will donate money to Food for the Poor, through a program I call building a home while buying and selling a home.”

For every closing, she donates $500 to a home building fund in honor of her client. “Once a client has completed transactions totaling $1 million, I donate $3,800 that is matched by an anonymous donor. That $7600 is used to build a home with full plumbing in another country for needy families. Having a homestead changes the future of the entire family that is helped. One of the things I love most about my job is the gratifying aspect of being able to give back while helping folks achieve their dreams.”

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