Jennifer Wallens: Esteemed Psychic, Medium, & Animal Communicator

Jennifer Wallens, also known as Psychic Jen, believes everyone can communicate telepathically with their pets. Furthermore, Wallens says we all have the innate ability to communicate with animals or even loved ones who have passed on. This ability is not unique and it can be developed and trained over time.

Who Is Psychic Jen?

Wallens began her formal training as a psychic and a medium at Cassadaga Camp Meeting Association in Cassadaga, Florida in her early twenties. She sat in on development circles, and she attended classes and workshops in metaphysics and mediumship while working as an Environmental Biologist.

Over the next 20 years, Wallens furthered her education—completing courses and workshops with Mediums Tony Stockwell, John Holland, Rev. Judith Seaman, Rev. Matthew Smith, Rev. Steven Upton, Rev. Anne Gehman, Rev Eloise Page, Rev. Diane Davis, and Bob Olson among others, as well as completing six intensive week-long courses in Mediumship and Healing at the famed College of Psychic Studies, Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, Mountfitchet UK.

Wallens has been fortunate enough to learn from the best psychics and mediums in the world who have helped her hone her skills. She has also won countless awards like voted as #1 Pet Psychic 2017, #1 Psychic 2018, #1 Medium 2016-17, #1 Spirit Artist, and #1 Paranormal Investigator in the USA. Wallens is also certified by the American Federation OfCertified Psychics and Mediums (AFCPM).

Additionally, Wallens also helps assist the police with unsolved crimes providing insight which has led to the arrest of several culprits. Academically and by law enforcement, Jennifer Wallens is considered one of the top authorities on the subject.

Mediumship, Animal Communication & More

“What is a medium? Mediumship is where the person is truly a medium and can converse and get evidential information from people in the spirit world or your loved ones to show you that there is a continuity of life. The point is to help you with grief and show you there is a life after death and our souls do not die.

Our souls can communicate through mediums or directly to you through your dreams or visions. You can train yourself to feel a calling sign from your loved ones. I try to teach everyone I read how to do that so they can have that wonderful comfort of knowing their loved ones are close by,” says Wallens in her Youtube channel.

Psychic Jen’s Best Tips For Animal Communication!

“Remember to be open to whatever comes and do not overanalyze. Write the notes down whether it’s a visual or mental image telepathically, silent words that just appear in your awareness, emotional feelings, a sense of taste or smell, physical sensations like you may hurt somewhere in your body or see a different color or light. Be open and patient and make sure to allow enough time in between questions so your intuition can receive an answer. Trust what you receive, but be aware that practice, practice, practice will improve the accuracy of your communications.”

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