Jeremiah ‘The Bull’ Evans Pushing the Limits of Wealth Building and Entrepreneurship

Most people find it hard to believe that Jeremiah Evans, also known as “The Bull” in investment circles, is only twenty-five years old. It could be his tenacious approach to entrepreneurship or the distinguished success of his company, The Alpha Influence, which has now helped hundreds of clients make six figures while growing its net worth to $25 million in record time. Whichever it is, Jeremiah is young and hungry, and he’s not letting anything slow him down.

Jeremiah’s journey didn’t start on a high note. Coming from a family with a long sports tradition, he tried to make it in football while attending Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah.

While he would make the cut, that tale wouldn’t last long for him as he would ultimately fail to gain a permanent spot on the team. It was at that point that Jeremiah Evans understood that sports weren’t in him. But he remained relentless and had a spirit that would not be deterred by disappointment.

Jeremiah made a shift to entrepreneurship and started to practice his sales and closing skills. Almost seamlessly, he would get in a zone and become unstoppable as a young entrepreneur. It was evident that this is where Evans belonged. So The Bull threw all that he was into business and started to polish his skills and direct all his passion and energy into what he was naturally good at.

Stories like Jeremiah’s are a stark reminder of the importance of finding a field or craft where one can shine in most. “You can pick whatever industry you want,” explains Jeremiah Evans. “You can be successful in marketing, sales, or fintech. The secret is being able to provide value. The world will always pay you what it thinks you are worth. If you provide that kind of value, you are going to get paid accordingly.”

Eventually, Jeremiah “The Bull” Evans would build The Alpha Influence, an investment firm that would deploy a unique approach to wealth creation. One of the most successful offerings of the company is the Alpha Automation, a proven online business system that helps an aspiring entrepreneur set up an Amazon business that has access to over two hundred partners and a pre-built funnel that has created massive results for the far majority of its users. Jeremiah would also create Alpha Financial, a branch that would provide credit growth strategies and business funding opportunities to entrepreneurs who showed promise.

After creating eight digits in personal sales, Jeremiah Evans has shifted much of his devotion to helping others experience the same level of success.

Over a hundred of his clients have now earned over six digits, and a good chunk of that group has surpassed their first million. Jeremiah uses a framework he calls “The Tri-Force of Wealth” to hack money-making strategies and leverage technology to turn a profit.

For the most part, Jeremiah Evans’ spirit is not quickly dampened. Instead, he has a relentless perspective that allows him to get up after experiencing failure and bouncing back with a vengeance at the next turn. He hopes to share that same energy with other people and see a new generation of entrepreneurs who thrive despite age or background.

To learn more about Jeremiah “The Bull” Evans and his company The Alpha Influence, visit their website and Instagram profile.

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