Jeremy Griffin’s “Out of the Box” Holistic Thinking is Transforming Minds, Bodies, and Souls Everywhere

For decades throughout the world, medical professionals and healthcare workers approached health from a symptom-treatment point of view. Instead of treating the root cause of the illness or disorder, the medical professionals provided a Band-Aid solution that reduced symptoms – for the time being. Although this kind of healthcare approach provides immediate relief, it skirts over addressing the actual cause of the problem, leaving the person dependent on a continual supply of band-aid fixes.

Over time, this kind of thinking has given rise to a new kind of approach to health, one that is holistic and rooted in the treatment approaches of the past. Although we think with all of the technology and internet connection in the world that we are more advanced than ever, the fact is that we are ignoring our health on a large-scale and working with short-term fixed as opposed to long-term sustainable solutions.

Out of the Box Thinking

As a result, Jeremy Griffin, an influential mentor in the personal transformation space, felt a calling to get out there and share what he has firsthand discovered about the mind, body, and soul connection. Known for his ‘out of the box’ thinking and holistic way of integrating the mind, body, and soul all in one, Griffin is sharing his technique with mentors, entrepreneurs, and business personnel looking for ways to be more effective.

“Our current systems ignore the spiritual and mental components of health, only reacting to the physical,” said Griffin. “What we don’t realize is that the tangible manifestation of our health is actually a product of our internal belief systems and the limitations we place on ourselves. By addressing self-sabotaging patterns, habits, and misalignment, we can create inside out positive change, moving forward.”

Many of Griffin’s clients find him, unsatisfied with their previous attempts to create change in their internal & external worlds. Only focusing on the conscious mind, they fail to realize their subconscious has a much larger impact on their overall results in life. By diving deep into natural alignment and facing preconceived notions and recurring patterns, Griffin’s clients are able to finally face the unconscious forces and unpack the trauma that is holding them back.

“Humans are spiritual beings, much more than the skin and bones in our bodies,” said Griffin. “I am on a mission to share this realization with as many people as possible so they can experience the deep sense of peace & well being that is available to each one of us. It’s not something reserved for a select few – it’s available to everyone. Spread the word in 2021.”

Subconscious Reprogramming

Griffin starts at the deepest levels of the subconscious and works his way back with all of his clients- exploring how they think, feel, speak, and act in their life. By starting from the inside out, he is able to help clients shed the baggage, plant new seeds for their future, and step into the life they’ve always desired.

In summation, Griffin has mentored personal trainers, online coaches, yoga teachers, predoctoral therapists, corporate executives, and conscious leaders. He is hoping to share his discoveries with as many people as possible in 2021.

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