Jeremy Slate on Combining Business and Team Growth

You’ve heard it before, and you won’t stop hearing it; when it comes to success, working together is everything. A team can be family, the people you work with, your friends, or anyone that is trying to help you achieve a common goal. In the world of entrepreneurship, a cohesive team is key to finding success and sustainability.  

Jeremy Slater, a recent guest on Making Bank, is living proof of this. After a winding journey to starting his podcast, “Create Your Own Life,” he realized the importance of working together with quality people. With the help of his wife, Jeremy started Your Brand Media, which helps leaders utilize the influence of podcasts to change the world.  

From his experiences working with his wife, along with balancing his family life and work life, to how he handled team and business growth, Jeremy shares his experiences. Learn about how his team and people helped him become as successful as he could be.  

A Family Business 

Jeremy owes a lot of his success to his wife. By finding someone who balances him out – in and out of the business – his relationship balances out. “It’s really important to have someone that’s the yin to your yang if you get what I’m saying. I will grind things out. I will outwork anybody, but I’m a perpetual pessimist. I always see the worst-case scenario that will happen, and I imagine it probably will happen. My wife likes to celebrate absolutely everything. She’s very incredible at taking my mess that I create and make a system out of it.” 

Jeremy and his wife are on the same page, they both think big and get excited about the same thing. When you’ve got people around you that support your ideas, or even better, improve those ideas to overall benefit the outcome it allows for a great partnership and helps take the stress off of one individual.  

There is never a perfect way to balance family and work, and sometimes combining work and family doesn’t always work out. However, Jeremy has figured out a system that allows him to communicate with his family and let them help him. For instance, when he travels, he tends to bring his family. Although he has a young daughter and that can get hard, he tries to get her to interact with what is happening.  

Planning and Growth 

Not only was his family involved heavily in each step of the way, but Jeremy actively works to figure out what might or might not work. “The way I create a process is: I do something first, figure out what works, what doesn’t, and you know, I don’t have to be the expert at it. And then we write up every single thing about that. So I have some extreme Google Docs with every single step in the process written down.” he says.  

This has been important in playing a part in the growth of the company. It’s good to keep track of things that you’ve tried that haven’t worked so that you aren’t repeating those mistakes, but it plays into training too. When Jeremy wants to bring people on board with his company, he wants to make sure they know what to do and if they are the right people in the first place. 

Recently, his company went from being a team of 5 to 14. Jeremy wanted to make sure that these people were quality people that reflected his values and the business. Sometimes, he puts them through a drill. This way, he sees their reactions to a certain situation. “So, you create these like extreme thing that people do in their training…so when you’re training people, when you’re bringing them on board, they’re able to think outside of the box a little bit more, and that’s important.”  

Team cohesion is a top priority for Jeremy’s company. On Monday mornings, he holds a staff meeting in which every person is responsible for a statistic. “We always start Monday morning with our staff meeting and each person’s responsibility for a statistic, meaning like “how many shows did you book this week? How did you sell this week?” In our staff meeting, every person presents what their statistic is and what they’re going to do to get it up. So, we have a cool team cohesion around that.” Creating this open communication allows everyone to know what is going on.  

Often, there are so many people on different teams in a big company that it’s hard to understand what’s happening outside of your realm. By creating these meetings and communicating clearly, it can close the gaps in the company while allowing the company to be more cohesive.  

Good teams can be hard to achieve but will ultimately pay off in the end and build a foundation for your life and beyond. 

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