Jerome Gillan Says Game Streaming Is Always About the People

The people who watch gamers do their thing on the screen are an essential part of the game streaming experience. Without viewers, there is no game streaming.

The Concept Behind Game Streaming

Jerome Gillan understands this truth and has so embodied the idea of emotionally connecting with his viewers that he now sees them as part of his family.

Gillan is a 26-year-old game streaming sensation who started game streaming in 2019, the early months. He got serious with game streaming in late 2019 after winning a few competitions. One of the game streaming stars, SquillaKilla, invited him to the Hitless team after completing Dark Souls 3 without any enemy hits.

Gillan’s username is NOHITJEROME, a name he coined from his love for no-hit-runs games. Gillan was the third person to achieve a No Damage run in Sekiro shortly after the game was launched.

How Game Streaming Is Beyond the Players Only

Gillan started game streaming to meet people and connect. But as he played and had fun and was all goofy and exciting, his network grew. His network’s growth spurred him to organize a gaming competition where he dolled out prizes worth $8,000 to various winners.

Gillan says that he spends time aside from gaming to have conversations with his viewers, knowing them for who they are and what they are about. It goes beyond the game I play; it is about the people, as humans, not just a viewers’ metric.

The time Gillan spends knowing his viewers more personally might look like a waste of time. Still, the truth remains that he can build meaningful relationships with his audience that way. He gets to know them more, and this brings them back to his Twitch channel.

Connecting His Viewers as a Family

Building a human connection is not something alien to those in the gaming world. Like Gillan, many gamers who have built loyal followership have dedicated ample time to knowing their viewers personally.

There are no hard and fast rules to building genuine followership; whether as a gamer or any other artist, you must connect with your audience.

Gillan says that he spreads happiness and positivity in his streams because he realizes how toxic and competitive game streaming can be. He wants people to have fun and relax.

Gillan recently signed a partnership deal with Twitch and StreamElements. The deals will help him reach more people, connect with them, and spread as much happiness as possible. The skilled player connected with big streamers like Mizkif and CobaltStreak and plans on hosting a 48-hour stream sometime in the future. He sees the long streaming as a way to build his viewership further and connect with more people.

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