Jesse Fastenberg Pushing for More Significant Blockchain Adoption

Blockchain technology is radically shaping the way industries operate. Contrary to the popular notion that blockchain’s limits fall under the category of cryptocurrency, the applications of such technology cross far beyond buying and trading. Leading the way for other applications of the decentralized economy structure is early-adopter and innovative thought-leader Jesse Fastenberg.

In 2012, Jesse jumped in on the bitcoin train quite early, observing the cryptocurrency while it was still a small fraction of what it’s worth now. Since then, he has been on top of most of the industry’s top developments, changes, and movements. At the heart of his work is the rise of a new currency and a way of thinking about how the world uses blockchain for other purposes. 

The entrepreneur co-founded BCEnergy with Andrew Insignares, another Blockchain thought leader who shares Jesse’s passion for blockchain technology. Together, the tandem leads the way for innovation and technology in the blockchain realms. The company pursues the mission of developing the pillars of the decentralized ecosystem and promoting awareness and further adoption of software and infrastructures that will capitalize on blockchain’s power and acts as a holding company for multiple projects in the space.

BCEnergy has multiple branches. Y2X Digital Solutions provides other miners with an infrastructure to leverage on the growing decentralized revolution. Lightning Technologies has a finance and payment solution that enables merchants to access Bitcoin’s lightning network to pave the way for the adoption of cryptocurrency as a form of exchange and payment. The last arm is Crypto Community Group, a think-tank group of investors, developers, and Blockchain lovers who explore the applications and implications of blockchain on society and the modern world.

When Jesse Fastenberg isn’t busy co-leading BCEnergy’s projects and efforts, he remains an active member of New York’s financial community, sharing his insight and knowledge on token analysis and investments in cryptocurrency, blockchain, and power arbitrage. Having built a solid base through mining Bitcoin Y2x Digital looks to expand into other high-capacity computing services, such as cloud gaming, AI research, and machine learning. 

BCEnergy’s infrastructure currently exists three hours outside New York City, where electricity rates drop by over 75%. Given that Bitcoin mining depends highly on power costs, it has been the company’s prime objective to access places with cheaper electricity rates to increase their mining activities. By hacking America’s highly complex power systems through accessing areas with lower electricity costs, the company hopes to scale its facility to over 100 Megawatts of dedicated power.

As a leading voice in blockchain, Jesse has appeared on many podcasts surrounding the concept of token economics and leads conversations in the space to promote the larger-scale implementation of blockchain into more business activities. He believes that adopting token-based technologies will disrupt the way people think about currencies, payments, and even governance. “Bitcoin is more than just a technology,” explains Jesse. “It is a tool of political resistance, a cultural phenomenon, and a high-tech experiment in monetary economics and game theory. The world around Bitcoin has grown even more reliant on trusted intermediaries in the digital age.”

Nowadays, mining Bitcoin is a mostly inaccessible opportunity, but Jesse Fastenberg hopes that more people will consider mining instead of merely buying the cryptocurrency. By doing so, he hopes that more people will contribute their computing power to the network and increase the network in which the decentralized ecosystem exists.

Learn more about Jesse Fastenberg by visiting his LinkedIn profile and BCEnergy’s website.

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