Jessie Holland’s Drive to Succeed Has Created a Successful Career in the Insurance Industry

Jessie Holland hasn’t let anything get in her way of attaining her desired lifestyle; whether it be complete 180 degree career changes or there not being a clear path set in front of her to walk.

She bases her attitude around controlling what is in her control and letting everything else figure itself out. She’s best exemplified with this early on, having dropped out of school and completely changing her career field from wanting to be a police officer to not knowing what she really wanted to do. She just knew what she didn’t want, and ran as far away as possible from that.

She didn’t even really have it all figured out once she got started in insurance either. In fact, it was a slow start for her. The biggest challenge I had throughout my career in this business was learning sales and the process.

There was a lot of delayed gratification in the beginning. Also, there were not a lot of paychecks compared to how many hours I had to put in when I started.

“There was  a lot of personal growth that came with the challenges throughout my career.” says Jessie. 

Delayed gratification to her is a massive key to her success, and knowing the value in what you’re really delaying that gratification for.

“I would say the biggest reward is mastering the skill because now there are less hours invested working but more checks. I had to learn to trust the process and recognize it would pay off later on.” says Jessie.

Note how she didn’t attribute material things as the reward to her hard work, but the skills that she learned. She understands that with these skills, she can attain material things. She’s grateful for the fact that if you took everything away from her that she has right now, she could earn it all back through her skills. 

From this, she’s been able to build a level of confidence within herself that keeps her bulletproof to any sort of hate, criticism, or obstacles that come in her way.

“Self confidence is the characteristics of someone who keeps promises they make to themselves. Consistently keep promises you make to yourself” says Jessie.

Continuing to promise herself an unwavering level of effort and positive attitude will undoubtedly keep her on an upward trajectory.

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