Jgriff and Futuristic Kick Off Summer Early with their New Song, 1996

Jgriff is a multi-talented artist also known for his skills in skateboarding. His last few music releases performed really well in comparison to the rest of his catalog, so he did what any artist would do when school was winding down – he made the song of the summer. When Jgriff was brainstorming ideas for this single, he knew he wanted something with a guitar to keep his newer releases more uniform.

Finding a beat that was super bouncy with a pop punk inspired guitar loop was a pretty hard combo to come across, but when it was found, the song basically wrote itself. During this time, his significant other was preparing to move in with him so he just started singing about her until he laid down the catchy melody that is now stuck in the minds of the listener.

Once the dry vocals were laid down, he sent them to his engineer to mix and send back. When he got the track back, there was an open verse and Jgriff knew exactly what he wanted to do with it.

For the past few months, Jgriff has been assisting Futuristic & his company, Indie Amplify, with graphics so he figured he would show Futuristic the song he recently recorded. After a meeting, Futuristic took the time to listen and offered to hop on the verse and drop it as a co-release.

This was a dream come true for Jgriff because he has been a Futuristic fan since 2014. Jgriff stated that he was in Wawa when he got the demo back and he was blown away! Once the final vocals came in and the song was mastered, he knew he had something special. He had the song of the summer in the palms of his hands.

This song was very cohesive when it came to visual storytelling. The artwork and Spotify canvas tie into the overall theme of the content presented in the lyrics. Between the catchy chorus and the many flow changes in Futuristic’s verse, this song has huge potential to catch the ears of people who happen to over hear it!

Although it has a pop punk inspired guitar loop that can resonate with many, it’s hip hop drum patterns help make the song relevant to the youth. The upbeat mood in 1996 can add a unique tone that is often overlooked in other music releases.

Stream it now!

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