Jia Ruan, the Celebrated Instrumentalist, Proves Lyrics are not Necessary if Sound can Convey

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Music has always been food for the soul. The human mind has always felt connected with music in one way or another. Whether it’s the chirping of birds or gusts of wind, music has charmed humans since time immemorial. The use of lyrics only came later.

Rising music composer and instrumentalist Jia Ruan is storming the internet for bringing back this old music charm in his compositions. He has proved that music doesn’t need words to convey a message to the listener. The beauty of sound can express every emotion through its vibrations.

Jia stepped into the music scene in January 2021 with his debut release “Vibrations.” The music composer has showcased his unique talent by blending an unconventional mix of sounds in the instrumental track. “Vibrations” has invoked a burst of emotion in the audience through its cutting edge sound. From anger to ecstasy, love, and even grief, Jia has been able to pour his heart into this unique musical composition.

“Vibrations” has no lyrics, yet it has been a trending track on Spotify for a couple of months, earning more than 5 million hits so far. The track has received more than 8 million views on social media, making it one of the top-charting tracks on YouTube. From ringtones to earphones, “Vibrations” has managed to reach millions of music enthusiasts from different corners of the world. The beauty of this instrumental track is there are no words to tie it to any community. The track is made up of pure sounds that have managed to connect with everyone who loves music.

Jia feels that music has more power to engage people than words. The moment an artist puts words into music, they narrow down the song’s appeal to a particular group of people who can understand the words. There should be no barrier to music. It should appeal to people irrespective of their race, language, nationality, and socioeconomic status.

True to his beliefs, Jia has managed to connect with people from across the globe through “Vibrations.” The song has seen him receive several opportunities from prominent names in the music industry. The track’s unique composition blends violin with fast drums beats, and piano with a bass guitar has created absolute magic. It is proof of Jia’s expertise in musical instruments. The track shows how Jia can use each instrument to create a unique yet familiar sound that is both electrifying yet soothing to the soul.

According to Jia, “Instrumental music can resonate with any mood and occasion.” As there are no particular lyrics to define the mood of the song, anyone can enjoy it. For different people, “Vibrations” will convey different emotions. This is where Jia considers himself successful as a music composer.

Currently, the rising music artist is excited about the overwhelming response to his debut release. He loves to keep his fans engaged on social media through meaningful music-related content. He is now working hard to present something more enthralling to his audience in the future.

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