Jim Marshall’s New Book, Septemics, Will Empower Readers and Help Them Master the Game of Life

Jim Marshall, a polymathic scholar, and autodidact, has announced the release of his new book titled SEPTEMICS: Hierarchies of Human Phenomena: Analysis, Prediction and Management of Human Affairs. He has devoted over 50,000 hours to the study and practice of multiple dimensions of human potential and development. Jim has integrated the best aspects of the most advanced techniques on the planet and expanded their limits by his own Research & Discovery. His areas of expertise include psychology, philosophy, theology, parapsychology, science, engineering, mathematics, law, literature, history, metaphysics, military science, political science, physical culture, and music.

Talking about the book, Marshall says that Septemics is ” a new way of viewing human activity”. Septemics means, literally, “of or pertaining to 7”. Septemics features 35 axes of human phenomena, each of which has 7 levels. Marshall wrote Septemics to empower readers and make them understand and master the game of life. Individuals, as well as groups, behave in predictable patterns which are specified in the book and thus will help readers to look at human interaction in a new way.

Entrepreneurs from all over the world should read this book. Marshall wrote SEPTEMICS to empower readers to understand and master the game of life. Because individuals, as well as groups, behave in predictable patterns which are specified in this book, SEPTEMICS can provide a new way of looking at human interactions, and can help readers, especially entrepreneurs, achieve their goals faster and easier. This book will guide them into achieving success and change their lives.

There are 7 different levels on each scale and they tell you about how to advance to the next level. Marshall explains the 35 scales, such as The Scale of Sexuality, which would help if you were having marital difficulties. He explores how better understanding human conduct can make you a more successful person.

Understanding specific areas of human activity, such as motivation, identity, thought, ability, and choice, can improve and help you make better choices both, in your personal and professional life. Using Septemics can improve your relationships and communications at work. In every aspect of human affairs, Septemics can have a positive impact. This book can aid entrepreneurs, counsellors, teachers, and people from any aspect of life.

Jim Marshall says that he wrote this book to help people. Each of these scales provides the reader with an infallible way of determining the beneficialness of any group, individual, or activity. If the group, individual, or activity moves persons or groups up these scales, it is beneficial or positive; if it moves them down, it is detrimental or negative.

Moreover, just finding out what level you, another or some group, are at is, by itself, enlightening. Finally, once you know the actual level at which a person or group is, you can improve the person or group by moving them up one level at a time. All of these advantages represent major steps forward for society.

Each of these scales is an axis against which to evaluate human behavior. Combined, they empower one to understand, predict and manage human affairs to a degree hitherto unattainable by most. These scales are in play all the time; every time you do not take advantage of one, you miss an opportunity.

Budding entrepreneurs should read, study and apply Septemics. The 35 scales cover nearly all of the human experience and tell you how to proceed in almost any situation. This book would change the life of anyone who comprehends it. They should not focus on the barriers or hurdles, but only on the goals. Pessimists only focus on the barriers and defeat themselves. To achieve success, people should focus on their goals and this book will them do exactly that. It will open doors that the reader did not even know existed.

About the book

Link to book: https://www.amazon.com/Septemics-Hierarchies-Phenomena-Prediction-Management-ebook/dp/B08WGWN6N5/

Author website: https://septemics.com/


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