Jimmy Mor Shows Artists How to Turn Their Struggles into Hope

Jimmy Mor knows all too well what it means to feel the pressure of fitting in.

Setting out on the journey to becoming a well-known artist for meaningful art can be difficult to figure out. Many musicians struggle with the idea of being completely different in the world of entertainment, which doesn’t always embrace change. Although some success stories come from acts recreating moments from earlier generations, more success stories come from artists breaking the mold. 

Jimmy Mor knows all too well what it means to feel the pressure of fitting in. Avoiding the idea of sounding like other hip-hop artists in the past, Jimmy managed to find his own style along the way. In 2019 Jimmy released the Christian radio success “Amazing” featuring V. Rose, which helped him push the boundaries of the urban gospel more than ever before. Today he’s back with two new singles, “Be Somebody” and “Change Me.”

Originally from Philadelphia, PA, Jimmy became a Christian hip-hop artist in 2011 after deciding to change his life for God. In the midst of his musical journey, Jimmy found a unique approach to music that would change the way he understood the power of meaningful songs. Jimmy holds the view that artists can turn difficult life experiences into art that speaks to listeners who can relate to the message.

“Every time you listen to your favorite artist sing about their struggles in life you find a way to connect with them on a personal level. If they share some of your experiences, it makes you like their music more because you feel like you know them. That’s the approach I take sometimes when it comes to transparency. If I explain what God brought me through, that will give the people that listen to my music a chance to understand that He can do the same for their life,” Jimmy explains. 

Jimmy’s goal is to encourage Christian artists to be comfortable with sharing their struggles in an effort to encourage listeners who may have faced obstacles similar to theirs. 

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Written by Garry Logan

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