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There’s a saying that good things take time and this saying is much in much time tested

There’s a saying that good things take time and this saying is much in much time tested. The foundation of Jivan Amrit was laid back on 10th June in the year 1968 by Late Vaidya Ramshabd Mishra. His utter devotion for Ayurveda and working for mankind always kept him motivated to keep going with his noble work of serving people.

He is a source of inspiration to many in his village, thy name of respect and gratitude for his works his birthplace is now designated as “Vaidyagon”.  Vaidya Ramshabd Mishra passed on his teachings and time tested knowledge to his brother Vaidya Kedarnath Mishra. He very skillfully practices Ayurveda by the blessings of his brother and great Acharyas of Ayurveda.

He has cured thousands of patients with various disorders, some in mild while maximum in critical situation. His diagnosis and treatment often leave patients spellbound setting them free from chronic diseases within a span of few weeks.

Now, the legacy of treating patients with skilful, time tested and self-prepared medicine is now being passed on to his grandson, Vaidya Abhay Narayan Mishra who is pursuing his graduation in Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicines and Surgery (BAMS). He is a YouthVaidya and an entrepreneur.

He carries a vision of benefiting mankind with the services of JivanAmrit. Under his supervision, JivanAmrit has launched many initiatives in order to promote Ayurveda globally. Jivan Amirt has influenced a handsome number of people to give up on their sedentary lifestyle and inculcate Ayurveda as part of their life.

Jivan Amirt has always used its own medicinal preparation for the treatment of its patients and customizes accordingly. Some of these preparations are prepared as per classical texts while some are prepared as a result of their own research work.

On this 10th June, Jivan Amrit is completing it successful 53 years by the grace of Lord Dhanavantri. On its 53rd anniversary, Jivan Amrit is launching a wide range of products that will help people to manage their quality of life.

We aim Ayurveda to reach every heart and home.


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