Joey Bats Cafe Wows New York Food Industry with Its Unmatched Portuguese Pastry Specialties

While savory main course dishes are always mouthwatering, nothing beats incredible pastry masterpieces that allow the union of sweet taste and wonderful texture to explode inside one’s mouth. Indeed, starting or ending a meal with something extraordinary from the patisserie is always a great choice, but only if the sweet goods are baked and created with passion and perfection. Leading the pastry scene of the Lower Eastside of New York is Joey Bats Cafe.

Joey Bats Cafe is a rising patisserie and pastry powerhouse that is bringing Portuguese authenticity to life through its sweet delicacies. Found in 129 Allen Street, New York, the cafe is best known for its Pastéis de Nata, a famous Portuguese pastry featuring a flaky croissant with a soft Crème Brûlée-like surprise center. At present, the unique pastry serves as the flagship product of the cafe. With countless new and repeat orders coming in, it is safe to say that this specialty has gained significant traction all over New York and throughout the United States. 

By popular demand, Joey Bats Cafe now provides deliveries throughout the country. This initiative only marks the beginning of an even more significant expansion in store for this rising pastry hub. 

Behind the success of Joey Bats Cafe is the passionate entrepreneur and baker Joey Batista. Born and raised in a community where Portuguese and Polish immigrants thrived, Joey grew up witnessing how his family dominated the Portuguese market with meat, specialty smoked sausages, and many other authentic Portuguese products. While professionally, he specializes in the realm of engineering, he is proud of inheriting his mother’s passion for cooking and baking. Little did he know, his interest in the kitchen would catapult him to culinary success today.  

First conceptualized from Bolo de Bolacha, a dessert that Joey himself baked in his apartment and sold to restaurants in the Lower East side of Manhattan, Joey Bats Cafe started as an entrepreneurial vision. After racking up sales to restaurants and bodegas throughout New York, Joey Batista saw the limitless potential of his dessert specialties. With the guidance of his mother, they planned a full-fledged pastry business that would focus on Portugal’s most popular pastry Pastéis de Nata, to honor their Portuguese roots. In 2017, Joey joined a small festival and sold over 3,000 Pastéis de Nata in only one afternoon. This success fueled him to finally bring his vision to life.

Joey Bats Cafe opened its doors to the public in July 2018. The pastry shop quickly rose to fame with the powerful mother-son tandem in the kitchen. It gained national acclaim, and most recently, it was featured in the famous TLC reality show Kate Plus Date, where American TV personality Kate Gosselin kept asking for the Bolo de Bolacha recipe from Joey himself. Since its inception, the pastry house has successfully taken over fairs and pop-up locations all over the city.

Even more remarkable is the shop’s initiative for an online distribution strategy as its primary response to the pandemic. Joey also spearheads his reinvention of LES space with live comedy, six nights a week. Amid the challenges today, Joey Bats Cafe remains at the forefront of New York’s pastry arena, both through its Allen street store and in its pop-up location in Rockefeller Plaza. 

Today, Joey Bats Cafe continues to bring excellent Portuguese pastry specialties throughout the United States. The cafe has its eyes on expanding to further locations across the country, bringing in cocktails, wines, beers, sweets, and pastries that will give everyone an authentic taste of Portuguese specialties.

To know more about Joey Bats Cafe, please visit its official website.

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