John Guaman has Achieved his Childhood Dreams

24-year-old John Guaman is a Hispanic American entrepreneur & investor from Danbury, Connecticut. While growing up, his family dealt with several financial problems. He worked hard and he made a vow to reach his goals. He also promised himself that he won’t let money become an issue for living a better life.

From childhood, John wanted to make an impact in this world. He watched his parents struggle his whole life. This proved to be the motivation for him as a kid. For the past 5 years now, he has been involved in the online marketing space. John has successfully generated tens of millions of dollars in sales in the online space & cleared multiple 7 figures. He is also involved in the investing space, owning some real estate and building his crypto portfolio.

Obstacles will always be there on your way but you have to deal with them to achieve their goals. Before earning so much, John was broke, he had to skip his meals and sleep in his car to save money. He had family issues, he lost money, time, relationships with his close people and friendships along the way.

Those moments were devastating for him, they had shaken him but he learnt eventually how to manage everything by shifting his perspective and looking at the world differently. He says that through these challenges, we get to learn life lessons. The problems never stop or get better, it’s you who face the challenges and become a better version of yourself.

Currently, he is involved as a top affiliate for an online trading & entrepreneur academy. He started to work when he was 19 years old. He had no idea about Marketing or trading at all. John had a roommate, who was doing well in his stocks. He had a ton of success which inspired John to boost his own confidence.

So, he started to study subjects related to how to trade stocks, Forex & Crypto space. It took a year to really understand the whole system properly and, in that time, he had helped a couple people also see results. He started sharing his results and became an affiliate for the educational platform.

One of his business goals is that he wants more people to hit a 6-figure income. On a larger scale though 5-10 years from now, he wants to be able to provide value to the world in a sort of way. John Guaman does this by making creative content. He puts out videos that attract the audience and makes them share their passions as well. He also wants to establish his own charity called the LIFE by Design Foundation.

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