John Jay, The Pop and R&B Whizz Making Waves in The Industry

Today, everyone is born with a dream and an internal urge to make a difference and impact the world using their given talents. Dreams vary from one person to another. However, to dream is normal. Having the courage to chase your goal is a different thing altogether. This kind of courage is rare in people.

John Jay, a dreamer, decided to go after his dream and is today one of the rising pop and r& b musicians making waves in the music industry. John is based in Miami, one of the states with the most talented artists in America, and born on the 24th of February 1987. He grew up in a family where everyone has an interest in music and sound production.

Despite the varied ages, John also found himself interested in music. At the age of nine, he began playing classical music and playing the piano. 

At the peak of his musical interest, he decided to become a musical artist, which his friends and family influenced. He was also sure that that was what he wanted to do for the rest of his life.

His most exciting genres of music were electronic and dance music, although he had a thing for hip hop and r & b being a fan of two genres of music, he decided to merge both genres to create a unique type of music that tremendously attracted its crowd. His main goal at the time was to make music that his audience could relate to. 

The Launch of Independent Hits

His first most significant achievement was founding a record label, Independent Hits. It is rare to get clients coming to work for a new record label without a track record. This is one of the challenges John faced at the inception of his new record label. He chose by looking for the underrated talented artists without endorsements and zero promotions.

On making this decision, the underrated artist brought his brand to life. Helping these artists promote their music and finding audiences was an achievement for these artists and themselves. The satisfaction from making these people achieve their dreams was good enough for John. Independent hits grew to become the best playlist network, and with the growth came the signing request. 


Today, the record label has a growing music catalog, and the number of Spotify followers and monthly listeners is a confirmation of this tremendous growth. Independent hits boast over 200+ playlists, more than 10 million followers, and eclectic music all across the genres. 

In addition to inspiring others, John Jay also started recording songs. In 2019, John released his first single, Best Life, followed by four other hit singles. His musical inspiration comes from fellow artists such as the weekend, Benny Blanco, Post Malone, and Khalid. Today John Jay has an album out, entitled ‘‘Jaded’’ featuring nine songs. 

John Jay’s life story serves as a motivational story to anyone in need of inspiration and confidence in his music career. A mix of belief, patience, and passion goes a long way in a musician’s success. 

You can connect to John Jay on Instagram.

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